The memes of Elliott Danker

During the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention, our Editor Elliott Danker was also the host of the and during the event we couldn’t help but take not of a few of his stupid moments where as a host, he’d make a fool of himself to make others laugh.

Well those moments needed to be documented in a different light, in fact we felt he needed a few memes. So this issue, the entire crew is taking over the Editors note as we present to you, the memes of Elliott Danker.

meme 1

Foolishly our editor was annoying the staff at ReedExpo that he didn’t notice this very unglamorous shot of him which based on this meme is not so flattering position he put himself in.

meme 2

You don’t know him the way we do. Elliott is very specific in the way he wants stuff to be done and though he isn’t the most patient man, we must say he tries his very best, especially in the public eye.

Imagine our joy when caught this accidental expression on camera. Of course he wasn’t pissed at that time….but what the heck, let’s just make a meme out of it.

meme 5

Ah yes, he had to use his phone during the media preview and so why not make a Liam Neeson meme out of it. We’re very sure somewhere inside of him, he wishes he could do the things Liam Neeson does.

meme 4

Believe it or not, we actually had to piss him off just to get him to pose like that for us. He didn’t even know what the purpose was for but hey, this is our prized possession of all the memes. Pretty sure we will be using this photo in our group chat from now onwards.

meme 3

And last but not least, though all of his efforts to make fun of himself was this one moment where he was learning to roll on the ground with a lightsaber while being taught some fight moves by the folks at FightSaber SG.

We managed to capture this moment and found the perfect meme for him.

There’s no way we will get into trouble for this because he’s not gonna fire all of us, we need him plus the other co-founder Kenneth runs his personal website so we got this!


The POP Crew with memes by Ken Koh

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