Melody Gardot Releases La Vie En Rose Music Video

Grammy-nominated American singer, writer and musician Melody Gardot has released the music video to her latest single, La Vie En Rose. The single is Melody Gardot own version of French singer Édith Piaf’s signature song of the same name and was written to to celebrate the new Rose Jewellery Collection from Piaget.

For Melody Gardot, a musician with an exceptional voice, ‘La Vie en Rose’ has always held a special place in her mind and imagination.

‘La Vie en Rose’ represents a lot of things for me, but mostly it represents my feelings towards my guitar. What it has brought into my life and how things have changed. ‘La Vie en Rose’ is like food for my musical garden. For me, ‘La Vie en Rose’ like music, has allowed me to reinvent myself, and even to change into somebody else completely. Waking up in the morning knowing you can’t move or speak, as was the case after my accident, can be difficult and painful. But your imagination feeds on everything that will happen in the future. We all need a new lease on life from time to time!

Set in a dreamy romantic setting, the music video is just what the love song is all about. From the dark mysterious seductive look at the beginning to that dreamy room filled with roses, Melody Gardot shows why Piaget made the right choice in selecting her. Oh and all those beautiful Rose Jewellery completes the music video like that perfect companion to a wonderful night.

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