Our babe of the month is none other than May'n who started her career at the age of 13. Now at 22, she manages to perform at sell out concerts all over the region.

She's been a guest of honour at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, performed in all 3 installments of Anime Festival Asia and she was recently back in Singapore for her very first solo concert as well as the gala premiere of her movie – PhonicNation at ScreenSingapore. For all you May'n fans our there, here are the best bits of her visit to Singapore earlier in June.

While chating with us, she talked about her personalities on stage and off it. When she's singing and performing on stage, she's portraying that character in the song, It's a moment in that character that she feels very strongly and passionate for and it plays a very big part of her as an artiste.

As a person off stage, she talked about how encouraged she was by comments from fans and she opened up about how she couldn't  live without it. So these are 2 very different characters and sides of her that come out at seperate times, yet at the same time these 2 characters can't live without each other.

She ended off her interview with us with a special message to our readers

May'n stayed on for her first solo concert in Singapore at *SCAPE where the message was simple, she wanted to unite the world with music and she did so very successfully.

The crowd helped May'n end the night by singing along to the end verse of Phonic Nation, going la la la, la la la, with May'n showing a facial expression of joy and relief that her message of uniting the world had gotten through. 

In response to May'n's message to POPCulture Online readers, they decided to say thank you in return!

Just 2 days later she was all dressed up and ready to head down the red carpet of ScreenSingapore where her movie -Phonic Nation- made it's premiere at The Cathay on June 6.

This movie consists of 2 parts, the first part being the 'live' performance experience and the second being the documentary aspects. You will notice that there are a lot of messages from May'n in the movie which is meant to unite the world through music and as she mentioned in an interview with us, she hopes that audiences will be able to feel messages through her music.

Phonic Nation also tells a story of how it was writeen during her tour of the same name. There with 2 sides to the tour with side A being at smaller more intimate venues and side B being at larger arenas.

Much of Singapore is featured in this film as May'n often refers to our home as the birthplace of her international career. She was invited to perform here at the very first Anime Festival Asia in 2008 and it's nice to see how she draws so much inspiration from our homeland. What a fantastic way to end her visit to Singapore and with fans surely missing her already, it won't be long before she makes her way back to Singapore.

Concert photos and movie stills courtesy of SOZO

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