May’n The Movie -Phonic Nation- Reviewed

Recently Justin Bieber had his own docu movie released in cinemas and of course gained the attention and support of his fans. Well we're used to this sort of thing coming from Hollywood but it's very rare that we get one out of Asia. In May'n The Movie -Phonic Nation, this young Japanese singing sensation tells us a story through her own docu movie and at the same time makes a fan dedication out of it.

The Plot

This movie consists of 2 parts, the first part being the 'live' performance experience and the second being the documentary aspects. You will notice that there are a lot of messages from May'n in the movie which is meant to unite the world through music and as she mentioned in an interview with us, she hopes that audiences will be able to feel messages through her music.

Phonic Nation also tells a story of how it was writeen during her tour of the same name. There with 2 sides to the tour with side A being at smaller more intimate venues and side B being at larger arenas.

The Verdict

So she eventually does complete her song Phonic Nation which she eventually performs on the final day of her tour in Zepp Tokyo. Now I did mention that this was a fan dedication as much as it was a docu movie and here's where the fan aspect comes in. Before this movie many fans have heard the song Phonic nation, the last track of her latest album "If You" and yeah it's a pretty nice song but after you watch the film and get the whole process of writing the song, it takes on a whole new meaning. 

Much of Singapore is featured in this film as May'n often refers to our home as the birthplace of her international career. She was invited to perform here at the very first Anime Festival Asia in 2008 and it's nice to see how she draws so much inspiration from our homeland.

There was even mention that she came back to Singapore at one point to work on the song. just feel the same emotions she felt when she was here 3 years ago and it did play a big part in completing the track.

Singapore's very own Shawn Chin and Lyana Lim also made an appearence in the film talking about their experience working with May'n. I think it's fitting seeing as how it was through their passion that May'n was able to directly connect with fans in Singapore and also how it started the ball rolling for so much cross culture to occur even for Shawn and his team at SOZO. Credit very much due to both parties for fans being able to experience all the Jap culture they have in Singapore today.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

May'n mentioned many times during the movie about uniting the world through music and honestly as much as I liked the movie, i was probably gonna give 3 or 3.5 stars. But after the end credits rolled out, her fans were singing la la la la (just like she did at the end of the Phonic Nation). Seeing that I knew, this young lady has united the world through music.

I guess that extra star that I gave in the end was meant to represent the fans because this movie is pretty good as a regular viewer but it will be great for the fans.

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