May’n Asia Tour 2011 Unite!! Singapore Concert Reviewed

The banners had the date 04/06 writen on it and the crowd gathered hours before the doors opened. *SCAPE WAREHOUSE was to play host to Japanese singing sensation May'n in the final leg of her Unite!! Asia tour 2011. That's not all because there was a very special opening performance installed for the crowd.

The Opening Act 

You first saw them in at the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe at the Anime Festival Asia events. With their cute maid outfits and personalities, they definitely charmed every visitor to the cafe. And out of these talents come 4 girls who are about to take the next step in their love for everything Japanese Pop Culture by coming together to form SEAA.

The home-grown group of four anime-loving girls, mostly from Singapore, made their debut homeground performance as the opening act of May’n’s UNITE Asia Tour in Singapore.

Performing their first song titled "DREAM SHOOTER" to a very excited crowd and their proud parents looking on as the girls gave it their all.  "DREAM SHOOTER" has also been chosen as the ending theme song for the hit TV Anime Series "Card Fight! Vanguard".

The Star of the Night

The lights went out and on came the main act with the first song off her latest album "If you", Disco Galaxxxy.The crowd was pumped and the tone of the production value was shinning through as *SCAPE WAREHOUSE complimented May'n in every way from lighting to sound. This young singing sensation had made an explosive start to the concert and there was no sign she was going to let up.

Her experience also came through as she performed many of her more mainstream singles while sprinking the concert by singing crowd pleasing anime tunes from the likes of Northern Cross to Diamond Creavasse and Don't be late, all familiar tunes to the Macross Frontier fans.

The entire night was like a story at the same time with May'n constantly talking about how she wanted to unite the world with music. A fitting tone from her movie Phonic Nation which would make it's premiere in Singapore a few days later.

She also celebrated her 6th anniversary to an adoring crowd who cheered her on in support while she blew out the candles on her cake. It was a bit of a suprise for her played out by her 4 faithful dancers who after performing with her for so long really demonstrated good chemistry with May'n on stage. Like I said most of the night was like a story and these dancers were helping to express it in their moves and gestures while at May'n's side.

She eventually ended her concert with the very song which was meant to unite the world with music – Phonic Nation. The scene was a touching one with the crowd moving their light sticks in sync with the rhythm of the song.

Concert Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Very often I wonder, when artistes say they want to unite the world with music how exactly does the world show the artiste that they are united? In that moment while the singer is on stage, a singer like May'n who is very much fuelled by the energy of the crowd, how do you tell her that you hear her message in the song?

Well the crowd taught me a lesson, just hearing them sing along to the end verse of Phonic Nation, going la la la, la la la, and at the same time looking at the facial expression on May'n, just seeing and knowing that in that moment how touched she was, how assured she was that her message had gotten through, I knew that that was something special, a moment that can only be found during live performances…..something that May'n mentioned in our interview with her, that the live performance aspect was always the biggest and most important part of her.

Well now I know why….

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