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He's the first Glee cast member to release a solo album under a major music label.  Matthew Morrison, who plays Glee club teacher Will Schuester on the hit show seems all set to be a success in the music industry. From the tube to your headphones, you'd think that there would be quite an amount of pressure he has to deal with.  

But the Broadway vet-turned-TV star and solo artist doesn't show any nerves on his self-titled debut, which follows through on his goal to merge classing crooning with modern pop. So how did the Glee star measure up in his album debut? Let's find out.

The Verdict

There are some catchy pop tracks on the CD, namely "Summer Rain" which is a nice lover's-lane kind of  tune and the second track "Still Got Tonight," is actually a nice fit for him because it had a bit of a rock ballad vibe to it blended with his raspy vocals.

The third track, "Let your soul be your pilot" was the peak for me because it was a duet with Sting, their vocals fitted very well for the track and he held his own against the legendary singer very well. Now by the time I got to the 4th track, "My Name", I found his singing style to come across as more like David Archuletta. Not that it's a bad thing but having heard the more rock ballad style of the previous 2 tracks and then noticing a change, I was a little confused for a while.

His duet with Gwyneth Paltrow "Somewhere over the rainbow" really stuck out for me because it was in the middle of the track listing and it was different in genre again. However the vocal performance was fantastic.

Having said that, the less mainstream songs, like "It Don't Matter To The Sun" and even "My Name" were really easy on the ears. The musical arrangements for both tracks are pretty simple, which allows them to showcase Morrison's voice. He's a bit of a crooner so I'd say that although he has vocal range, it's not the most unique voice on the planet. The important thing here is his voice is very enjoyable and even a little bit relaxing to listen to.

The pairing of Matthew Morrison and Elton John on a medley of "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" and "Rocket Man."(one of my fav Elton John tracks of all time) was a misfire. Their voices just don't blend well enough and it sticks out among the rest.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars 

I think with his debut album, Matthew Morrison isn't trying to prove anything, it seems to me that it's more of a showcase of his vocal talent and his own sound outside of his role on Glee. Perhaps the track listing could have been different like maybe put the duets at the end of the list.

His own unique sound is somewhere in there, he's got versatility and I'm sure the album will appeal to both pop music fans and Gleeks!

Matthew Morrison is out in stores

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