Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

Let me start off by saying that I am a massive Mass Effect fan, i was captivated by the struggle of Commander Shepard and his crew with the Reapers but no amount of love for the series could ever cover up my disappointment with the ending of Mass Effect 3; it somehow felt inadequate and rushed. I felt that NONE of my decisions made any impact on the ending. So when Bioware announced that ME3 would be getting an Extended Cut DLC to give fans the closure that they demanded, i was naturally thrilled but it was a bitter sweet moment.

The initial problem is that there was no indication where the DLC would begin, so i assumed that it would start at the final save before the “endgame” *SPOILER ALERT* (After the battle with Kai Leng). Only after have I read we’re supposed to start at the Cerberus Base mission, though according to my save data, that’s about three hours earlier than my last save.

I really did believe they were going to employ the famed Indoctrination Theory to satisfy fans and make gaming history as one of THE BEST ending of a video game ever. TheAngryJoe over at youtube created an excellent summary of the theory with explanations behind the theory , but the gist of it is that the entire last section of the game (activating the Crucible onwards) is merely a test to see if Shepard will succumb to indoctrination by choosing to control the Reapers (what the Illusive Man wanted) or synthesizing with them (what Saren wanted). The idea was that destroying them was the correct choice as it would break the spell the Reapers had over you, and then we would get to see the actual ending once all was revealed.

But as it stands, Indoctrination Theory will now be remembered as fans reading too much into the story. To me, this is the biggest tragedy of the game, as if true, it would be the biggest mind warp in video game history, and it’s an ending far smarter and more satisfying than what Bioware actually gave us in the original, or in this new extended DLC.

But in the end, i was satisfied with the ending and it gave me the closure that i yearned for, it might not be the ending that i wanted but it was enough.

By Chen KangYi
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