Maroon 5

American Band Maroon 5 was in town recently for a concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and POPCulture Online caught up with them just before their big concert to ask them about music, tattoos and their favorite superhero.

It all started with the band being presented with a plaque recognising the album Hands all over's Gold success in Singapore.

PCO: First of all what's your opinion of contestants from American Idol doing covers of your hit songs?

M5: We're fine with it actually, it's very flattering. These songs are culturally relevant so you want people to do it especially at a big competition like American Idol.

PCO: How does it feel like coming back to Singapore?

M5: It feels totally awesome. It's very amazing because so much has changed in Singapore since 3 years ago. Coming to Singapore is like being in The Jetsons, it's a futuristic place and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Totally Shiok man! Band laughs

PCO: What do you like most about Singapore?

M5: Well it's a very unique place, you look at the mix of cultures and especially the architecture gives the city such a unique look.

Oh and the Nasi Goreng too! Band laughs

PCO: With the summer blockbuster upon us, there's gonna be a lot of superhero movies. Which superhero is your favorite?

Adam Levine: Well I like Batman because he's rich and he has all these cool gadgets but I can't decide between him and Superman. They're both my favorite.

M5: Come on decide Adam! You can only choose one!

Adam: Ok I'm gonna have to choose Superman. Are you kidding me I totally want to fly!

Matt Flynn: Well I definately don't wanna be Aquaman cause all he does is talk to fish! Band laughs Green Lantern is cool though!

PCO: James I thought you might have picked Thor since you both have long blonde hair!

James Valentine: Haha, good one! Yeah why not!

Adam: You know what, he should totally pick Thor!

M5: Yeah cause Thor has a big hammer man! Band laughs

PCO: Adam, you've got a lot of tattoos and they are all very cool but what do they represent?

Adam: Well I'm actually a fan of the idea that tatoos should mean something but at the same time not all of them have too.

Some of my tatoos are very special and meaningful to me but I admit some are just purely for decoration.

PCO: Thank you guys and have a great concert!

You can check out the gallery of Maroon 5's concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium under our POP Features

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