Marie Digby: Your Love Reviewed

The half Japanese, half Irish YouTube sensation known as Marie Digby has returned with her 4th album, Your Love. I’ve actually met and interviewed her twice and I have to say she is an absolutely wonderful lady. Just standing next to her you can feel this vibe of happiness……or maybe that was me crushing on her back then….hmmm I’m not sure..

Anyway her latest album, Your Love is a bit of a hit and miss for me. Not because it isn’t good. If you’re a fan of Marie then you are sure to love it but the problem is…’s too short! There are only 7 songs (minus the 8th one which is a duet of Your Love) and 2 of them were previous hits re released.

The title track Your Love is a nice upbeat feel good track perfect for starting your day with. It’s got all the positive vibes and Marie carries it very well. It’s pretty much in the same mould as her previous hits like Say It Again so it’s definitely a winner.

The next track Swoon has a more progressive feel and still maintains that upbeat vibe.

I Think I’m in Love comes next and is one of the stand out tracks on this album. It’s her version of Kuh Ledesma’s hit and vocals just ooze with Marie’s sweetness while maintaining the essence the original was known for.

Things slow down a little with Loving You is Easy. Listening to it kinda feels like your watching her on YouTube, without the video of course. It’s a simple song but that’s the thing about her, she makes simple sounds so good. In today’s music industry there are so many songs with cool sounds or beats to it but with Marie Digby she keeps things simple and most importantly, elegant.

If you’re considering a wedding vow or wedding song to play at your wedding, I Do might be one to consider. The lyrics are perfect for a wedding vow and it’s got that inspirational against all odds kinda feel to it.

The 2 previously released tracks are Say It Again and Umbrella, both of which launched her to fame on YouTube as well as her debut album.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

I like her, in fact I love her…..but at the same time I hate her because I felt there could be more of her on this album. 7 songs just ain’t enough.

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