Margot Robbie

Our cover girl this month stars in Suicide Squad in the iconic role of Harley Quinn. Her portrayal of the role has gotten many differing reviews online but here at POPCulture Online we thought she was fantastic!

Let’s take a look at some interesting fun facts about this Aussie beauty!


She went to circus school

When she was eight years old, Margot Robbie was sent by her mother to a circus school to attend a trapeze program. She may have been young, but Margot was still able to earn her “trapeze certificate”.

She is a tomboy

Margot has said herself that she is happiest when surfing, riding motorcycles, building things, and even hunting wild pigs on the farm. When not doing any of those things, she really enjoys doing other activities like sky-diving, snowboarding, and skiing; she is also a big sports fan


She doesn’t eat healthy

She has stated in an interview that she does not have a good diet whatsoever, and that she loves drinking beer and eating fries and burgers. She also admits, that she is not good at food moderation, that she gets upset when she does not eat, and that she cannot just eat a salad with a glass of wine.

Huge Ice Hockey fan

When Margot Robbie moved to the United States, she was able to finally enjoy one of her favorite sports to the fullest degree, and that sport is ice hockey. She is an avid fan of the NHL’s New York Rangers, and she has realized her childhood dream of playing the game on ice as she plays right wing on an amateur team.


She’s known as Maggot

When she was five years old, Margot was given the nickname “Maggot” by her classmates, and unfortunately for her, that name stuck with her for years. She admits that she hated the name, but she also says that by the time she was eight, she decided to simply accept it since, “it wasn’t going anywhere”.

Suicide Squad opens in cinemas 4 Aug

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