Making Revolution With Takanori Nishikawa

Entering the interview room in a neatly pressed suit and a cup of starbucks with “Taka” written on it, one can’t help but admire in awe even if you don’t recognize him. Takanori Nishikawa or better known as TM Revolution (or T.M.Revolution which stands for Takanori Makes Revolution) is no stranger to the anisong industry having shot to fame with Heart of Sword: Yoake Mae from the anime series Rurouni Kenshin. Today the man whose music have influenced my teenage years till today is sitting in front of me, smiling and ready to answer questions from the media.

AFASG 2016 TM Revolution Interview

Even at 46 years of age, he doesn’t look one bit that number as he shares that the thing that keeps him going in his career are the support of his fans, his love for the music he produces and the new projects he has embarked on. Two recent ones are B-Project, a fictional male idol project and working on the song RAIMEI for the Japanese-Taiwanese glove puppetry television series Thunderbolt Fantasy.

With 10 albums, 30 singles and many more projects, it has been 20 years since TM Revolution exploded onto the scene. While mostly known for his work in the Gundam Seed series, other animes that he has a hand in include Valvrave, Soul Eater and Sengoku Basara to name a few. This is why his medley includes these more popular titles as he recognises that many of his fans’ first contact with him are through these anime songs.

AFASG 2016 I Love Anisong TM Revolution

But yet there is more that he wants to do than just songs. As an event producer himself back in Japan, he acknowledges how Anime Festival Asia is a good platform to spread the Japanese Popular Culture to the rest of South East Asia and hopes to add to the culture sharing effort by having more live concerts in the region too.

Zooming in to Singapore which he is part of Anime Festival Asia Singapore’s I Love Anisong concert later in the evening, he is happy to be back and shared that he is always amazed at how the Singapore scenery is always evolving each time he is back. The cleanliness here is also something that reminds him of Japan and he is looking forward to performing for his fans later. After all it is his fans that continues to motivate him forward with not only giving his all in his performance but also encourages him to soldier on in the industry.

AFASG 2016 I Love Anisong TM Revolution

6 Hours later in an outfit which looks inspired by the many anime series he is part of, TM Revolution explodes on stage to a thunderous cheer that might have shook the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre level 4 floor. Cheers continued into the night as Takanori Nishikawa rocked the stage with a live band compliment. While the Gundam songs like Invoke, Meteor, Vestige were the usual staple, resonance from Soul Eater was a nice surprised for fans.

RAIMEI was of course to be expected with the popularity of Thunderbolt Fantasy but the one that killed it that night for me was the all time favourite Heart of Sword: Yoake Mae. Finally after so many years of watching concert footage of him performing, to watch him perform live was another tick off the bucket list. Thank you TM Revolution for another explosive night and I’m sure we will see more of you in the region soon.

Concert Photos Credit: Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016

By Kenneth Wong

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