Macross Frontier – The Valentine Edition



Its not unusual for cosplayers to have valentine themed photoshoot during the valentine day weekend and here at POPCulture Online, we decided to follow a group of cosplayers and their photogs on such a shoot.

No Strangers to the world of cosplay, Tessie and Rima have been cosplaying their favorite characters even before POPCulture Online's resident photog knew how to use a DSLR. Having cosplayed at major events over the years, these two girls are definitely no strangers to the world of cosplay. And this time, they decided to have a Macross Frontier Valentine edition shoot with another local cosplayer, Alexander doing Alto while Tessie does Sheryl and Rima does Ranka from the recent Macross Frontier Movie.

Of course no photoshoot would be complete without the photogs and here we have 2/3 of the baka-trio, Alex and Kenneth as Tessie calls them. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the other 1/3 din get his photo taken as he was behind the camera most of the time. And yes from the photos, you can tell these two are most prob one of the most fun photogs to work with.

As with any cosplay photoshoot, while the cosplayers and their costumes plays a very important part, another important part is the venue of the photoshoot which has to suit the theme.

And thankfully these cosplayers have done their research well to find this waterfront place all the way out from the city area. While traveling there took quite sometime, seeing the place and the potential backdrops made up for it.

And kudos also to the photogs for making full use of everything there like the benches which made good sets for a photo.

Many thanks again to the group for having POPCulture Online along for the shoot. You can check out the cosplayers and the photogs at their respective deviantART webpages.

Tessie (Sheryl)      –
Rima (Ranka)        –
Alexander (Alto)     –
Alex (Photog)         –
Kenneth (Photog) –

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