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You’ve probably heard this a dozen times – Gosh half a year gone! Yeah well it’s true, time really flies. As I write this I can’t help but think that me and Kenneth have been doing this for 18 months now.

I suppose that in a way it was only through starting a magazine that I realised how important support is. I mean I used to take it for granted when I was in radio, honest. After all these months of looking at our readership stats grow and always having to ask people for support, now I know and for this I am really grateful to each and everyone of you.

Of course much of what we are able to cover in our magazine also comes from the support of the various movie and music distributors and PR agencies. When we started we intended to just stick to movies, then we had some support and got into the Japanese Sub culture and games. Now we’re able to put huge pop stars on our cover.

Like in this month’s issue and mega thanks to Universal Music Singapore, we’ve put British pop star Pixie Lott on our cover and we were able to speak to her and take loads of photos of her at her autograph session and showcase in Singapore. I like how in our conversation we talked about who she’d like to see as England’s Captain for Euro 2012 (She’s a big football fan by the way). So she mentioned Frank Lampard who at the time I write this has been ruled out of the competition with a thigh injury. She and her dad have supported him since he was at West Ham (The club she supports) so I suppose I can relate, personally as ridiculous as it sounds I wish Beckham was captain.

Well this month it’s all about Pixie and we’ve got some bits featuring Music Matters where fans of KPOP went crazy, plus we take a look at The Art of Snow White and the Huntsman and after a long and heated debate, we feature Kristen Stewart as our POP Babe of the month. It was between her or Charlize Theron and for once Kenneth and I lost the vote with the rest of the crew.

In and case thank you once again for your support and I hope you enjoy this month’s issue.

E Danker

Editor of POPCulture Online

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