Looking Forward To EOY 2011

The month of December is upon us and for almost everyone, it means that the festive holidays are finally here. From the pretty lights along orchard road to even little decorations here and there at home and in the office, everyone is gearing up for the Christmas Season and getting ready for a good break.

But for a group of people who have been busy since the early part of the year, all their hard work and planning will bear fruit in a week plus time. Yup, we are talking about the people behind this year’s EOY as they get ready for the event that will take place at he Republic Cultural Centre (Theatre), Republic Polytechnic on the 17th of December 2011.

EOY 2011: “A Day of Celebration”

With an event name such as EOY 2011: “A Day of Celebration”, one would expect that this will not just only be a simple cosplay event but something even bigger. And rightly so, as a quick look at the line up of activities shows lots of promise with what looks to be an enjoyable time for everyone.

Special Guest: Hitomi

Headlining this year’s EOY event is the cute Hitomi from one of the biggest maid cafe chains in the world, @home. Hitomi is currently the most popular maid there and some say the top maid in the whole of Tokyo itself. She also performs as part of Team Junjo and has traveled abroad for performances before.

Hitomi appearance at this year’s EOY 2011 includes:
– 2 sets of dancing / singing performances (20 minutes each)
– Short talk-show
– Appearance during VIP lunch reception
– Merchandise sale
– Autograph session

Performances, Booths & Cosplay

This year’s EOY also promises a whole 5 hours of stage performances for event goers to enjoy. From a Lolita Runway to song & dance performances to even local bands taking to the stage itself which has been tailored to more of a concert stage setting, be prepared to stay glued to your seat and be entertained by the performances.

Visitors to the event can also walk around the event floor and browse through the many Exhibitors’ booth that will be at this year’s EOY 2011. These includes talented artist showcasing their latest works, Lolita dresses on sale and even accessories like headdress and necklaces.

EOY has traditionally been one of the events cosplayers look out for and this year is no different. Do remember to bring your camera down to capture your favorite anime and manga characters come to life at the event. Oh, and if you would like to take a photo with any of the cosplayers, do remember to ask them first in a polite manner.

Looking Forward To EOY 2011, A Day of Celebration

With so many exciting things lined up for visitors to this year’s EOY, the event does look to be another success as with the previous years. The POPCulture Online team will be going down to do a coverage of the event so do stay tuned here for it.

You can find out more about it event by visit its webpage, facebook page and follow on twitter.

Oh and if you do see the POPCulture Online team there, do give us a shout out. It is always nice to see familiar faces at events and EOY is no exception.

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