Looking Forward to STGCC 2014

STGCC Paramore Hayley Williams

It is no secret that for the POPCulture Online team, the biggest event we look forward to every year is the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention. In fact for our new friends who just started following us, the very idea of setting up POPCulture Online was conceived during STGCC itself. That is why STGCC is so important to the POPCulture Online team and has been so for the past 3 STGCC we have covered.

This year is no different as the whole POPCulture Online team will be down to cover the event. In fact even the friendly voice you hear from the stage is one of our own. This is just how much STGCC means to us and how much we look forward to it every year.

Being our 4th STGCC this weekend, I would like to share some thoughts and advice to you our readers on how you can maximise your STGCC 2014 experience if you are heading down. And yes if you are wondering, it has to do with my photo with Paramore’s lead singer, Hayley Williams.

One attraction of about going to conventions is that big names are invited down to make an appearance, have a special panel or even to do a special demonstration and STGCC 2014 is no different. With big names such as Andy Price, David Mack, Cameron Stewart, Tomokazu Sugita, Stayxxxx, Simone Legno, and many more coming down this year, I am sure everyone will want to not only see them on stage but also to meet them in person.

Of course this is not going to be possible most of the time due to their busy schedule, either at interviews with the media or at their scheduled stage time. I know many fans usually go home disappointed not being able to interact with their idols more. Even for myself as media, there are so restrictions for some of these big names due to certain reasons.

Well the trick is to open your eyes big and walk the convention grounds more. Heck, you should even open your eyes bigger when you are about Marina Bay Sands when you are either getting a bite to eat or just doing a bit of side shopping. The reason for this is simple, these big names are also human who probably want to also explore the convention grounds and even MBS itself.

My photo of Hayley Williams was taken because I noticed that this lady looked very familiar while she was walking the convention grounds. After doing a bit of confirmation (Google is your best friend), I realised who she was and went up to her to ask for a photo. The same can be said for popular illustrator RedJuice who came down last year. He was standing around the stage area watching the stage activities but no one regonised him. Or even Adi Granov who had a hand with the Iron Man movies where he was beside the Iron Man figure that everyone was taking photos with. Just imagine taking a photo with Adi and his design together, that would definitely level up your photo.

So do remember to do your research into your favorite guest, or even the other guest who are coming for STGCC 2014 cause you never know if the person next to you just might actually be someone famous. Do also stay tuned to POPCulture Online as the whole team will be down for STGCC 2014 to capture the sights and sounds and bring you our coverage in our capacity as a supporting media.

We hope you will have lots of fun there and do remember to wave when you see any one of us. Our video team will be going around so look out for them and you might just be in our STGCC 2014 video.

by Kenneth Wong
© POPCulture Online 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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