LittleBigPlanet 3 Review (PS4)

Welcome back to Sackboy’s World Part 3!

Announcing LittleBigPlanet 3 (LBP3) at E3 2014, Sony was preparing to usher in the new era of the PlayStation 4 with one of its flagship titles. The promise of the same game and much more in this charming physics based platformer. So as we dive into the world of Sackboy for the 3rd time, well more if you consider the PSP/PS vita titles, how does the game hold up on Sony’s shiny new flagship platform? We play some LBP3 to find out.

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For the benefit of those new to the LittleBigPlanet franchise, the game itself stylizes and prides itself in a creator based community encouraging players to explore the world of LBP collecting stickers and seemingly endless collectibles as you venture through the various levels in the game. It also hopes that at some point you would want to create your own levels by including a very powerful yet simple to use level creator which constitutes to the 9 million user strong LBP community which allows players to download and play other created levels. As the developers intended it to be a self-sustaining community, I think the series has done quite well in that respect. LBP3’s predecessors have had fan users re-creating the cult classic Final Fantasy 7 game on LBP’s engine along with Marvel on for the ride with a spin off series on the PS vita. This is testament to the strong community love for the game.

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Back to LBP3 and its world of adventuring, a parcel packed with levels waiting to be explored. The world of LBP3 looks every bit as good as you’d expect it to be. Filled with cardboard created set pieces, items strung together from household items, it is a wonder how the creators and developers managed to harness these items to generate a level so full of life and atmosphere. After working through a lengthy prologue which introduces you to the gameplay mechanics, you’re off to explore LBP3’s levels. The platforming style of the game retains the similar magic of LBP2 as you move from one point of the screen to another. Given that this game is a physics platformer, expect to use some of the new power up’s to interact with the level design to get from one point to another. Most of the power up’s require the player to equip the power up before using it means you could only use 1 power up at a time given the puzzle ahead of you.

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The introduction of 3 new characters playable and unlocked along the way as you complete the story are quite fun to play. Oddsock a lizard/dog looking type of character, Toggle who’s a strength type character and finally swoop the bird character with the ability of flight. Unfortunately, you cannot play as all 4 levels as majority of the levels required you to use Sackboy when reviewing this game with 2 players.

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The narrative, gameplay and sound are still strong points which keep Little Big Planet 3 relevant and unique as a sandbox physics RPG. It also harnesses the power of community contributions to ensure that you don’t ever run out of things to do in game. While the game largely plays it safe, fans of the series will have no problems settling right into the world of LBP3. We can’t wait to see what happens next. The game is largely targeted at families and is a good way to spend the afternoon playing games together. If you love putting that creativity of yours to good use and can’t wait to contribute levels to the LBP world, you are already looking at the right game to pick up next.

Ratings : 3.5 out of 5 stars.

By Kenneth Choong
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