Born in Gifu prefecture, LiSA started her own band while in high school to catch on to the growing wave of punk rock. In 2008, she moved to Tokyo in order to further her musical career.

In 2010, LiSA was chosen as the singing voice of Yui, the second singer of the fictional band “Girls Dead Monster,” for the hit anime Angel Beats. Since then she has gone on to be one of the hottest rising stars in Anisong.

By the time spring 2011 came around, LiSA released her own solo mini-album, “Letters to U” and toured Japan in support of the album. POPCulture Online had the chance to speak to this rising star during the recent AFA press conference about her musical influences, hobbies and what fans can expect from her concert on 12 Nov.

POPCulture Online: Tell us about your musical influences?

LiSA: I’ve got so many! I think my main draw to the pop / rock genre is Avril Lavigne for her heavy yet low kind of songs. “My Happy Ending” was one of my favorite of her hits but I must say the album which made the biggest impact on me would be “Let Go” from 2002.

POPCulture Online: What’s your favorite part of the music making process and why?

LiSA: Right after the lyric is done and the song is ready for recording. I get this mental image of the music video and how it would look and be produce and that image flashing through my mind just excites me!

POPCulture Online: What do you do outside music (to unwind)?

LiSA: I love taking pictures and blogging about it. It doesn’t matter what kind of pictures they are because I prefer to capture the moment, it’s the raw essence of emotion that I want to be able to see in the pictures. I haven’t been taking classes on photography, it’s all a natural learning process at the moment but I do decide on whether a photo I’ve taken is nice purely based on how I feel the moment I look at it. If it hits me when I see it “Bang!” then yes I’ll use that picture!

POPCulture Online: If you were not a musician, what do you think you would be doing? Photography perhaps?

LiSA: Hmmmm to be honest I’ve never done sports or anything else. I’ve always been in music so it’s really hard for me to think of anything else that I could do. I will say though that if I had to do something else instead of music, I’d make sure I would enjoy every moment of it.

POPCulture Online: What can your Singaporean fans expect from your performance at the upcoming AFA11 I Love Anisong concert?

LiSA: Absolutely Everything!! We are all planning for a great concert and the thing about concerts for me is the live element. ‘Live’ is live, there’s just no other way to describe it. It’s that very moment where everyone is gathered during the performance and if you’re not there, you can’t experience that moment so be prepared Singapore!

POPCulture Online: Lastly do you have anything special you’d like to say to your fans?

LiSA: I want to sing a song to make each person’s day a better one and I’d really like to do it with all of you there at AFA11. See you then!

Catch LiSA as she performs at AFA11’s I Love Anisong concert on 12 November. Tickets available through  from 1st of October 2011.

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