LiSA in Sony Store Always

From as early as 8am, fans of Japanese singer LiSA queued up for a chance to meet the Japanese Singer at the Sony Store, 313@somerset for the LiSA in Sony Store Always event.

LiSA in Sony Store Always (1)

Considering it was a Sunday morning where most would be sleeping in, seeing such an enthusiastic group of fans at the Sony Store is a testament to the fan base that LiSA has been building up over the years here.

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Even though most would have been at LiSA’s first solo concert the night before, it seems that the lack of sleep would not be a barrier to seeing LiSA again the next morning as the fans practiced their cheer to welcome the 28 year old who is signed with Aniplex under Sony Music Artists.

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Thanking her fans who turned up, LiSA was full of smiles and her usual cheerful as she started off the event with the autograph session. From books to phone covers and of course the plastic LiSA folder, not once did she stop interacting with her fans (in her own unique way) even though she had a full concert the night before.

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VIP Special Pass Holders were also in for a treat as not only did they get to take a photo with LiSA, the bubbly singer also called each fan by name adding that personal touch.

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So appreciative of the warm welcome given to her that LiSA went on to continue signing almost everywhere she could find space at a special corner at the Sony Store, 313@somerset featuring her.

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Visitors to the store can now find a huge LiSA signature there.

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For many, a trip to the Sony Store would mean spending time looking at all the innovative products that the Japanese Giant has produced and it is no different with LiSA.

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Doing a walkthrough of the store, LiSA spent time watching her concert on 4K Sony TVs, did a selfie with the latest mobile phone and also some time at the audio section.

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Finally deciding on the Sony PHA-1A Portable Headphone Amplifier, LiSA was all smiles as she showed everyone her latest purchase. LiSA also signed on a few more Sony PHA-1A Portable Headphone Amplifiers that fans of hers would want to consider if they are in the market for a portable headphone amplifier.

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Ending off the event is a special banner presentation to LiSA from all her fans that delighted LiSA followed by a photo with all her fans.

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It is always nice to see artists setting aside time to spend with their fans and sponsors who have supported them and I am sure that this will go a long way in establishing her fan base here in Singapore.

by Kenneth Wong

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