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It never gets boring here at POPCulture Online and for me, it is very true as the past month was one filled with many activities. There is a joke among the team that POPCulture Online is what keeps us sane from our day jobs and it cannot be truer for me. Work has been piling up to a point that I started to fall into the drone mode of just following the motion that everyone else is doing.

Thankfully life had other plans for me as surprises popped up in the form of 3 things which got me reenergised and ready to take on the world again.

The first is getting to watch the Empress of Japanese Pop, Ayumi Hamasaki, live at the recent a-nation Singapore 2014 concert. Ayumi Hamasaki has always been one of my biggest idols when it comes to JPop (with the other being Utada Hikaru) and to watch her life reminded me what it was like to be fan. Doing what I do at POPCulture Online and my day job means that I sometimes have to take on the role of the one who sees things from the helicopter view and that made me “cold” in some ways.

Thankfully that night at the MasterCard® Theatres, Marina Bay Sands was what I needed to remember what being a fan is like. After all, one of the driving directions of POPCulture Online is to be a place by fans for fans. Thank you Avex Singapore for that wonderful night!

Meeting Yasemin Arslan GameStart 2014
Meeting Yasemin Arslan at GameStart 2014

The second thing is an event that dared to dream big, GameStart 2014. It is no secret that my love for all things computers was the result of my love for games. From learning how to hack save games with a Hex Editor to building and optimising my computer to play the latest games, I loved everything related to games.

If anything, GameStart 2014 reminded me of my love of games and what it means again to be a gamer. From queuing up for all those game demos to camping the stage for the producer events, it felt so surreal to be with fellow gamers and cheering on this common interest. I even bought a PSP Vita there and now am doing my best to contribute to my selected Panopticon thanks to Freedom War’s producer, Junichi Yoshizawa.

The third thing that got me one of my first loves is the anime Gundam Build Fighters Try. While I have always preferred the UC timeline series of Gundam, somehow watching Gundam Build Fighers Try (the title of the second season now showing) reminded me of the many hours I spent building my Gunplas which include many Master Grade ones.

I remember stopping this hobby of mine after completeing Gundam Dynames from the Gundam 00 series due to memories attched to it that were rather emotional. Yet watching this anime series somehow relighting something in me and I look forward to spending time with my 1/100 MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Version Ka.

It has definitely been an interesting month of October for me and as we step into the month of November, I personally can’t wait to see what lies ahead for both me and the POPCulture Online team!

by Kenneth Wong

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