Let The Skyfall

It’s already November and the team is proud to release issue number 23 of POPCulture Online. What makes the number 23 more significant than just being a number is the fact that this month we also celebrate 50 years of James Bond with the 23rd movie, Skyfall.

With a record breaking UK opening day release and a very happening Singapore premiere at Vivocity Golden Village thanks to the good people at Heineken, the POPCulture Online Art Department just had to feature the movie on the cover.

Now Kenneth being Kenneth, decided to be funny and suggest that we put someone else other than Agent 007 on the cover. That suggestion nearly caused a riot in the team but my reasoning was that we already had Daniel Craig on the cover before so why not put a Bond Girl instead?

The Art Department bought my idea and I am very happy to present to you Berenice Marlohe (who plays Severine in Skyfall) on the cover for our November issue. But if nearly causing a riot isn’t enough, I decided to have my own little Halloween fun since I will be missing all the parties thanks to the Premiere of Skyfall.

So off I went to join a very special photo shoot for a very familiar fairy tale that has a not so happy ending. And yes, you are allowed to laugh at my facial expression. Many thanks again to ReadyOne2 and local cosplayer dorkodile for this chance.

It has been quite a fun October thanks to the many fun events, interesting games and memorable movies. November is now upon us and as the team continues to plan ahead, we hope you continue to enjoy reading the stuff on POPCulture Online as much as we enjoy putting it together.

Kenneth Wong

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