Leonard Nimoy to voice Sentinel Prime

It has been revealed that Leonard Nimoy will be joining the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon as the voice for Sentinel Prime.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the actor who played the iconic Mr. Spock has been asked by director Michael Bay himself for the role. Sentinel Prime is the predecessor of Optimus Prime whose wrecked body was first seen in the teaser trailer of the movie. Astronauts from the Apollo 11 mission found him back in 1969 and later was brought to earth to take the disguised form of a fire engine which fans got to see in one of EMPIRE magazines issue.

Entertainment Weekly also commented that Michael Bay had toyed with the idea of inviting Leonard Nimoy (who also voiced Galvatron in 1986′s The Transformers: The Movie) to be a voice in the second movie, Revenge of the Fallen, but wasn't sure he had the budget to pay the veteran actor.

“I was too scared to ask him,” the director says. “Plus, he’s married to Susan Bay, who’s a cousin of mine. So I had to be careful. I’ve met him at family functions. But he told me, ‘I would be honored. I’m glad to be back!’”

Entertainment Weekly also added that Bay has been open about changing course with Dark of the Moon and making a stronger story than the critically pulverized last one. He says part of that is giving the metallic characters a bit more soul, even if they’re villains.

“The robots have more character in this movie. Much more. You really understand their struggle, on both sides actually,” Bay says.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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