Lenneth XVII

Lenneth XVII is a self-paced cosplayer whose only drive is her passion for the characters she cosplays. She’s not picky about who she cosplays, but rather why she cosplays them. The learning process in cosplay is endless so despite being in the circle for close to 14years now, meeting new people and handling new projects always teaches her new things every time!

If you follow her Facebook page, you’ll notice that she loves cosplaying with her dog Mako so dog lovers Elliott Danker and Kenneth Wong quizzed the Singaporean on the challenges of cosplay and cosplay with a dog.

STGCC 2014 Interview Lenneth XVIII Cosplay

POPCulture Online: How does it feel to be back in Singapore?

Lenneth XVII: It’s been great! I moved over in May last year so I’ve been there just slightly over a year now.

POPCulture Online: What is the difference like between cosplay here in Singapore and over in the U.S.?

Lenneth XVII: I would say that in the states they tend to focus on the big stuff like prop making and obviously you see a lot more western costumes or western characters compared to here in Singapore or in Asia. Obviously origins has to play a part. But I would say one of the biggest differences other than size is that over in the states you have a lot more material to work with. In fact a lot of it is ready made and it can be purchase. They do focus a lot on making things themselves as well.

POPCulture Online: Your dog isn’t here! Your huge Golden Retriever which weighs about 40kg couldn’t join us in Singapore but how do you get your dog to cosplay with you?

Lenneth XVII: I got him when he was 2 months old and I spent 6 years waiting to be able to keep my own dog. It started with me trying to get him to take a photo every single day and now he’s really good with cameras. When I ask him to sit, he would just look at me automatically.

STGCC 2014 Media Preview Lenneth XVII

POPCulture Online: Isn’t it tough to get a dog to take photos? Surely it must have been a challenge at some point?

Lenneth XVII: Nothing is too challenging when you have a treat in your hands.

POPCulture Online: I understand you’ve been back in Singapore for about a month now so what was the first thing you wanted to do when you touched down?

Lenneth XVII: It’s definitely local food! As much as we do have a lot of Asian communities in South California where I am, there is a very small community of Singaporeans or Malaysians so it’s even harder for me to find home cooked food over there.

STGCC 2014 Lenneth XVII Fireman Makoto Cosplay

POPCulture Online: We are fellow dog lovers we’d like to know what it is like bringing up Mako, to be a cosplayer with a dog?

Lenneth XVII: To be honest I had a thought that if it was not with Mako, I wouldn’t have wanted to start my own Facebook page. The plus point for me was that I’ve always loved Golden Retrievers and you consider that I spent a few years in Singapore living in an HDB, I couldn’t really keep one until I moved to the states.

When Mako came along, the first thing that came to my mind was that he really resembles Makoto from Free who is my favourite character. So when I cosplay Makoto, I always want to bring him (Mako) in and get him involved as a supporting character. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that my followers like what I post on my page, they do enjoy seeing us cosplay as a pair and it makes me very happy.

POPCulture Online: What about the costumes? Is it a case of making costumes for him or just recycling your old costumes since he is so big now.

Lenneth XVII: Actually it’s a bit of both. When he was younger I was able to put some of my costumes on him but now he’s almost fully grown so he can’t fit into my old costumes. From now on I do plan to make him costumes from scratch though I’m not very well versed in making dog clothes so it’s something I’ve got to look into.

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