Lego Marvel Super Heroes PS3 Review

I know what you must be thinking, another Lego game? Developed by TT Games, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, we bring you Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The Lego video games series have come a long way since Lego Star wars which infused the series with its undeniably cute humor. Since then, we’ve seen improvements like voice acting, Open-world hubs, bigger array of characters, so on and so forth. With so much hype to the game since E3 2013, Lego Marvel Superheroes showed what it was capable of when the first level was demoed to the public.

Much like the movie avengers, Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a massive get-together tea party of star studded pint sized Marvel heroes from the comic books or Saturday morning cartoons that we’ve come to like and love. Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, The X-men, Spider-man, Captain America, Black Widow, Mr Fantastic and I could go on forever because just like most Lego games, this one boasts 150 playable ones which include more obscure ones like Squirrel Girl, Gamora, Ant-man and so on. This extensive roster pays homage to the marvel brand name and yet appeals to the hard core Marvel fan base. I must say after playing the game that each of these characters had a unique touch built into them and I mean literally. Iron man flies differently from Thor, and Spiderman well feels just like Spiderman. I’m sure you get what I mean.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 01

The premise of the game starts off with a scene showing our beloved Silver surfer being knocked out of the sky and his surfboard busted into blocks known as ‘Cosmic Bricks’. Dr Doom then decides to assemble the world’s villains to help him gather all the ‘Cosmic Bricks’ so he can build a ‘Doom Ray of Doom’. Yes this game has plenty of laughable puns in its dialogue and script. Just like other Lego games, you can enjoy this game alone with a few CPU or local multiplayer. Immediately, I marveled at the beauty of the level design and admired how the game designers were able to breathe life into the world. Whether its web slinging in Lego New York City, running around the Helicarrier from the avengers or taking a stroll on the Bifrost Bridge of Asgard, this game keeps up with its predecessors mostly and manages to exceed in most ways imaginable. Its core gameplay continues tradition as you move from one scripted area to the next by solving puzzles utilizing your multiple Lego characters at any one point. The story does enough to keep you engaged from start to end as you work your way through the 12-14 hour story. I won’t spoil it for you at this point.

This does not mean game is perfect by any means. My biggest gripes are it’s camera angles for split screen and it’s puzzle designs. Let’s start with the camera. Given that this game allows local-co-op, whenever a player strays away from another, the camera would start to split causing some disorientation

There was this one time where my Lego character was stuck in a plank while chasing Doctor Octopus.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 02

Puzzles feel forced at some points. Player A would spend 5 minutes solving a puzzle while Player B would just idle, get a Starbucks only to have Player B still figuring things out. While the above mentioned issues are in no way a deal breaker, I think more could have been done to iron out such details.

For the completion artist, there’re a total of 250 gold bricks to be found and picking up these would unlock bonus levels and missions. Plenty of great trophies to attain like all the Iron Man suits or all the Brotherhood mutants. There’s even one where you rescue Stan Lee and collect Howard the Duck. (Yea! I know right).

Well in summary, Lego Marvel super heroes continue to capture the essence of Lego games and it is a joy to play. You will find yourself occasionally chuckling at the cut scenes watching your favorite Marvel character make a fool of each other. (Mr. Fantastic turns into more than just a teapot for crying out loud). It pays homage to even the most obscure Marvel characters around and has plenty of Marvel inspired moments (Using Colossus to throw wolverine). I’m sure everyone remembers Fastball special. However, minor issues such as camera problems, puzzles, glitches hinder this game from being truly something to be marveled at. Well then if you’re a Marvel fan and a Lego enthusiast, this might just be the game you could use to tide over the weekend. For everything else, keep it here on POPCulture Online.

Ratings: 3.5 out of 5 stars

*Please note that this is a review of the PS3 copy of the game. The vita and 3DS versions are not the same.

by Kenneth Choong
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