Kuvo’s Elixir Bar – The Hidden Gem of Orchard Road

Tucked elusively at the end of a secret escalator at Orchard Shopping Centre lies Kuvo – a lifestyle concept restaurant and bar by TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto). The establishment is made up of three sections – Vine Lounge, Ambrosia and Elixir Bar. In this article, our writers visit Elixir Bar at Kuvo and found for ourselves a hidden heaven where one can chill and relax after a long day at work.

The Connoisseur Concerto Kuvo Elixir Bar Orchard Shopping Centre Yutaka Nakashima

It was rather early when we arrived at Kuvo, and it was definitely before our mixologist, Mr Yutaka Nakashima, was ready. With much professionalism, and even with his hair down, Yutaka-san decided that he needed to at least mix me my first drink before fixing his hair to a more presentable state.

Part of Kuvo’s charm is that the bar offers the option of cocktails being mixed to suit your taste profile. All you have to do is to let the mixologists know what you feel like having that day, which alcohol base you prefer, and any other requests you may have of your drink. The possibilities of bespoke cocktails are endless! Yutaka-san and his partner mixologist, Alastair Tan, had whipped up drinks of all kinds: some that contains wasabi, some that tastes like Dr Pepper without containing a single drop of the soft drink, and even hot cocktails that warm both your body and your soul.

The Connoisseur Concerto Kuvo Elixir Bar Orchard Shopping Centre Evergreen

On this day, our editor Kenneth requested something light and sweet and was given Evergreen, a cocktail made from melon liqueur with grapefruit and rosemary.

The Connoisseur Concerto Kuvo Elixir Bar Orchard Shopping Centre Saint Georg

I, on the other hand, asked for something fruity and refreshing. The result was a drink named Sweet Gentleman, an adorable mix of passion fruit vodka and vanilla whiskey.

Our mixologists at Kuvo can also get rather creative and deliciously experimental with making their own mixers. My personal favourite is their Earl Grey vodka. They also have gin infused with ginseng, and I’ve heard stories of a bottle of banana rum that Alastair (fondly known as “Al”) promised me that I’d like because it’s apparently extremely sweet. (Curse my sweet tooth!)

For the lushes among us, my dear readers, I’ve also taken the effort to ask Alastair to recommend an easy-to-mix cocktail that we can try at home.
Presenting to you, Captain Georg – made from:

  • 40 ml sloe gin
  • 20 ml plum liqueur (Choya works!)
  • 20 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

Try it at home if you can. The result is just heavenly. Alternatively, you can also head down to Elixir Bar at Kuvo and bother one of our lovely gentlemen for a drink!

If there’s one thing I love most about Kuvo, it will be the unpretentious simplicity of the place. I’ve walked in with just a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, no make-up on my face, and a pair of owlishly big spectacles on my nose, and was served with the same hospitality and friendliness as everybody else they served here at Kuvo. If you ever see someone of this description sitting at the bar, it may be me you’ve just spotted.

Kuvo is located at 321 Orchard Road, Orchard Shopping Centre Level 2. Make a turn towards the lift lobby beside Robert Timms and you will find on your left a secret doorway that leads to the restaurant. Bespoke cocktails are going for $12++ per drink from 5 – 8pm daily until 31 May 2015.

by Tessie Tan

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