Krissy & Ericka: Twelve Fifty One Reviewed

The first thing I thought when I first heard the album was “Is that M2M?”

Well they sure do sound like the duo from Norway with the bubble gum pop over wood and steel strings. Krissy and Ericka Villongco are two petite Filipino sisters who aren’t exactly new to the music scene. They released their debut album in 2009 and are now back with their second album called Twelve: Fifty One and in it they have compiled together ten tracks, of which four are original pieces, one written by international artiste Marie Digby.

They have a unique blend of harmonies which are nice on the ears and the album isn’t too over the top. They have done covers here but it’s a softer version of the originals. Take for example Adele’s hit single Rolling in the Deep had a completely different introduction and it was nice and clean.

Most of the music feature the acoustic guitar in a style similar to Boyce Avenue where covers are completely redone in an acoustic style. That trend has really caused some new sensations in the music scene. So I thought, what could be so special about this other group compared to the other acoustic ones. Truth is….not much… terms of guitar work but a lot in terms of their honeyed voices.

These YouTube sensations do impose their own blend of music with tracks like “Rewind” (featuring another YouTube sensation AJ Rafael), “In Your Arms”, the banner single “12:51”, and “Anything”. Twelve: Fifty One also includes a bonus track, their version of the Eric Clapton hit “Change The World”

Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Certainly something refreshing and great for drives back home from work.

Twelve Fifty One is out in stores now

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