Koda Kumi Asia Live 2015 Singapore Concert

The “Queen of Live” Koda Kumi held her first ever solo concert here in Singapore as part of her Asia Live 2015 tour at *Scape The Ground Theatre. Ever since she first performed here as part of 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Kumi has wanted to come back to perform but never had the chance till now. At a packed *Scape The Ground Theatre, Kenneth Wong and Ken Koh reports.

Koda Kumi Asia Live 2015 Singapore Concert

Throughout the 19 song set with 7 more songs on encore, Koda Kumi reminded everyone why she is dubbed the Queen of Live with her high energy performance and vocal prowess. No easy feat considering all the high octane dance moves plus the fan interaction that made the night an intimate one for the crowd of mostly working professionals and tertiary students who have probably followed her through her 15 years in the music industry.

Koda Kumi Asia Live 2015 Singapore Concert 03

While we didn’t get to see all the elaborate stage setup that accompanied Kumi in her Japan concerts, we did get a large digital screen that screened short clips of her various concerts in-between songs. The 6 costume change was also a nice treat and good enough for fans as they continued to cheer their acknowledgement to Kumi throughout the concert. Through these videos, it was a nice walk down memory lanes for fans as we watch a younger Koda Kumi grow into a mature stage veteran still full of energy and that sexy side that she hopes to transform into a strong, independent one.

Yet that playful sexy side of Koda Kumi was still present as she started off the night with hits such as POP DIVA, House Party and Poppin’love cocktail (feat. TEDDA) with her team of skilled dancers. Dressed in a two piece colourful neon swim suit with a oversized coat (which came off later to the delight of fans), Kumi trilled the crowd with moves that reminded of her sexier and more provocative style in her early 2003 years.

Koda Kumi Asia Live 2015 Singapore Concert

But it was the slower ballads where her vocals prowess really shone as one could feel all that emotions through the voice even at the back of the packed *Scape The Ground Theatre. In a gorgeous full length gown, Koda Kumi performed 愛のうた and her latest single Walk of Life with grace that maturity in the industry brings.

As a special treat, a very fortunate fan was selected to come on stage where Kumi personally handed her a book to select any song of hers. Throughout this whole segment, the sincerity was so evident that it could only come from one who really appreciates her fans and the support given over the years. Of course the female fan who was seated next to Kumi was clearly overwhelmed and probably a night she would never forget.

Returning to stage in a more edgy punk rocker inspired outfits, Koda Kumi swung the atmosphere back into an upbeat one with songs such as Taboo and the highly popular real Emotion which was the theme song for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X-2. Of course this meant that for this long-time fan of Japanese role playing games, one major item on the bucket list has been crossed out.

Koda Kumi Asia Live 2015 Singapore Concert 01

The highlight of the night was towards the end of the concert where Kumi shared what reaching her 15th year in the industry meant to her. Kumi explained that even though it sounds like a really long time, it feels like she is suddenly welcoming a turning point without actually realising it. Kumi continued to share about the main theme of her tour which is also the title of her album “WALK OF MY LIFE”. That throughout her career, she has made many decisions, had many discouragements and spent so much time caring about what other thought, she ended up spending a good amount of time brooding over what is right or wrong and what she should have done. In the end, she shared that to be the Koda Kumi that she is today was because she held fast to the principle that it is not about what others think but how one chosen to live.

It’s not what people think of you, but how you choose to live your life. Believe in yourself.

Ending off her sharing, Kumi shared how she hopes that she is an artist that makes song that her fans will feel proud to follow and that at the end, everyone will take hold of their own lives and have their own “WALK OF YOUR LIFE”.

Closing the night, Kumi struggled to hold her tears back as she sang a very heartfelt single from debut album Affection titled Walk. A fitting closure of one night that majority if not all of us at the concert will remember for a long time.

Thank you Koda Kumi for not only a performance to remember, but also that encouragement to continue “walking our lives”.

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Koda Kumi Asia Live 2015 Singapore Concert Setlist

  1. Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~
  3. Mercedes
  4. House Party
  5. Poppin’love cocktail feat. TEDDA
  7. 愛のうた
  8. Sometimes Dreams Come True
  10. Song Selection: Suki de, Suki de, Suki de
  11. Someday
  12. Dance In The Rain
  13. Hurricane
  14. Like it
  15. real Emotion
  16. Dancers Introduction
  17. TABOO
  18. Be My Baby~Loaded (Medley)
  19. LIFE so GOOD!!

Encore 1

  1. キューティーハニー
  2. Lady Go!
  3. WIND
  4. I’ll be there
  5. Butterfly

Encore 2

  1. walk

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