KiraCandy School Party

Held at the Tampines East Community Club on a sunny Saturday afternoon, The KiraCandy Girls held their first ever event, the KiraCandy School Party.

Decked out in their KiraCandy School Uniform, the girls from the newly formed KiraCandy Girls group were all smiles as they went about their duties for the day. This included playing games with guest, serving food at the cafe and performing on stage.

Other than the main hall where majority of the activities were held, there were  booths around the place selling otaku related stuff like posters and toys. Also present were two motorcycles which were decorated with stickers from a popular anime, Marcoss Frontier. Needless to say, these drew quite a few curious onlookers.

Back in the main hall, the stage activities went on in a staggered schedule to allow the KiraCandy girls to also mingle with the crowd and pose for pictures. While the place did look rather empty thanks to the larger than expected venue space, it was better in the afternoon as more people streamed in.

The cafe was another story as by 12pm, there was always a constant crowd in there which resulted in me not getting a chance to try their food. Thankfully you can still buy the other stuff like the cupcakes which were not bad and also this really interesting drink.

On first look, it is like your normal bottled soft drink. But as the name “Knock Ice” implies, the bottle is knocked with a small hammer once taken out and it transforms into a fine crushed ice form. Talking to the person at the booth, this can be done with any bottled drink although out of respect, I didn’t want to probe further as to how its done in case its some trade secret but it does look like something to do with the temperature of the drinks.

Also make an appearance at the KiraCandy School Party are two familiar faces from the local scene. No stranger to those who have attended other Japanese Popular Culture related events, Usagi and Eileen took to the stage to perform songs a few familiar songs including the theme song from Final Fantasy 8, Eyes on Me.

One rather cute looking thing that caught my attention as I was watching the stage performances were these cat ears. The necomini, as these are called, responds to the wearer’s brain waves and moves about according that. It was funny though as one of the stage host commented that it can get very random at times like not moving when she wants to take a photo and moving at other times.

Overall the KiraCandy School Party is an event that is best described as a diamond in the rough. In the rather unforgiving world of events, it is easy to brush aside this event as one of those where the organisers dreamed too big only to get hit by a reality check. Yet if you dive deeper, you will find an event with enough potential to grow into something bigger.

It is also very hard to fault that very hard working KiraCandy girls as most of them are pretty new to everything. After all, any seasoned veteran would tell you no amount of training can prepare you when going “live”. Sometimes you just gotta go our there and experience it for yourself and learn and grow from there.

I am sure the event has taught the KiraCandy Girls lots of valuable experiences and this wouldn’t be the last we will be seeing them. Same too for the team behind the event and I do look forward to seeing what else they have in stored for all their fans.

By Kenneth Wong
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