Kick-Ass 2 Superhero Showdown Party

What up!!! It’s me! THAT GUY…..So I kinda stole the password from the editor for this site….like whatever……anyways I wanna tell you about this party I was at last week!

So I was chilling out the other day and I was like, “OH HEY! I CAN GO WATCH A MOVIE ABOUT MAH FELLOW SUPER HEROES/VILLAINS” so I did. Captain America got me a couple of tickets so I grabbed my Bro, “The Douchebag”, a friend who’s actually Robin in disguise, and another friend and went to the launch party for Kick-Ass 2.


So I kinda realized being Deadpool was kind of… bad since neither heroes nor villains liked me very much and were total squares, so I put on a costume over my costume and I became… THAT GUY. So apparently there was some kind of competition to see who’s the bestest best Hero/Villain at the party so before the movie, some DJs pretending to be “Heroes” *cough posers* rounded up all of the costumed freaks like myself and put us on display on the front.

When I got to the front, I was placed next to a childhood hero. A CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS! A living GOD for Normal Superheroes of the Silver Screen. IT WAS THE FRIGGIN ROCKETEER. If you don’t know who the Rocketeer is, you have no soul. Or life. I’ll see to that tonight. Oh, and Kick-Ass and Hitgirl and a couple of other heroes were at the other side.


We didn’t know who won in the end. I only know my buddy, “The Douchbag” got a prize for being “The Douchbag” because the DJs thought he looked cool. Let’s admit it. He does. Cus he’s “The Douchebag”. Another guy, “Mr Center of Attention” also got a goodybag, congratulations to him! And there was a guy with pots and pans for armour. Really class! I think he’s Non-Stick-PanMan. Couldn’t get a picture, my bad!

Then the movie started so we skidaddled back to our seats. Don’t let the reviews on the Internet fool you guys! The movie, was ENJOYABLE. If you don’t believe me, watch it for yourself and make your own opinions. It was less violent than the original (T_T), but there were more interesting characters to invest in, with more development for the side characters. (YAY SIDE CHARACTERS).


Then after the movie, I went to have a pizza and went home. It was a nice day to be THAT GUY, but I think I’d stick to being Deadpool. That jacket made my butt itch.

~ SG Deadpool,,,,….shhhh…..aka THAT GUY

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