Katy Perry: Part Of Me Reviewed

If you’re already a “Katycat”, great! You’ve also probably already watched the trailer 20 times over.
But if you’re not yet a fan, this movie might just win you over.

The docu-concert film opens with videos of teenagers sharing their dreams, amateur video-cam style, and ends with one of Katy Perry herself as a fresh-faced 18 year old full of sincere ambition.

This, is pretty much the sentiment carried throughout the entire movie – forthright, honest and sometimes raw portrayals of Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry’s birth name).

The movie brings us through Katy Perry’s largest world tour to date and treats us to front-row concert segments that in itself are visually stunning and entertaining given the crazy stage props, energetic dancers and Katy herself in her signature colour-frenzied custom made costumes.

This is interspersed with snippets of interviews of the people around her, including her manager, makeup artist, stylist, sister, and of course Katy herself. Through them, we are told the story of her beginning and difficult rise to finding a record label that would support her vision and not turn her into “the next Avril Lavigne”.

What I really appreciate about the movie is how real, and sometimes brutally honest, the footage shows Katy to be. Especially so when we see Katy exhausted and crying when she was dealing with both the heartache missing of Russel (Katy’s ex-husband) and having to fly back to see him wherever he was from wherever she was touring.

It is this same devotion that she has for her fans that make your heart melt. She demonstrates fiercely her determined spirit in the scene where she forces herself to get up and put on a smile for both her meet-and-greet sessions and her actual concert, choosing not to take the easy way out of canceling the show. These poignant moments are cleverly framed in between her more emotional tunes like “The One That Got Away” and “Who Am I Living For”, giving viewers a new perspective to her songs.

It’s a newfound respect I have for Katy Perry. That underneath the candy-coated costumes, bright blue hair and big fluttering eyelashes, there’s a tough interior that has brought this talented Californian girl to the forefront of pop music.

You’ll love the movie and love her even more.
So I say, 4 stars out of 5!

By Kathleen Wong

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