Celebrity cosplayer KANAME☆ is a hit with his fans with his amazing cosplays. From Cloud of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children to Ichigo of Bleach and Portgas D.Ace of One Piece, KANAME☆ continues to wow audiences with his high level of quality and realism in his cosplays.

POPCulture Online speaks to this passionate cosplayer while he was in town for AFA11 about his dream cosplay and Billy’s Bootcamp.

POPCulture Online: I think one of the most important thing about being a cosplayer is keeping fit so tell us, what is your secret?

KANAME☆: It’s a reality that our body weight can’t always remain the same. It always changes so even when I gain  a little weight and I feel that I’m a little out of shape, I’ll go to the gym or running. If you have of this exercise called Billy’s Bootcamp, well I always follow the video to stay in shape.

POPCulture Online: Tell us, what do you do to relax?

KANAME☆: I spend an entire day watching anime while eating actually! Then after that Billy’s Bootcamp. It’s a vicious cycle really! Hahaha!

POPCulture Online: How do you choose the characters you cosplay?

KANAME☆: I will always find a character that I feel I can express as closely as possible and also if it fits my physique and my personality. Haha and I don’t cosplay characters below 15 years old…Haha!

POPCulture Online: Of all the characters you have portrayed, do you have a favorite?

KANAME☆: To be honest, I can’t make a choose because I like every character I’ve done! I would say one of the particular characters I’ve done that has pushed me to give more than 100 percent to my portral is Portgas D. Aee from One Piece.

It was a character that was really challenging and I was very motivated to be exactly like him. I like his physique, his voice actor, his personality and his clothing!

POPCulture Online: Is there a character that you have not done yet that you would like to do?

KANAME☆: I love Saint Seiya and I would like to portray some of their characters one day but my true dream would be to put on a full Kamen Rider suit and ride a motor bike too! I love Marvel Heroes too, my favorite being Spiderman since elementary school.

POPCulture Online: Being a judge at the Regional Cosplay Championship, do you have any advice for both new and experienced cosplayers?

KANAME☆: Recently I’ve notice some competition among cosplayers in the sense that they try to outdo each other. I think the most important thing is to have love for the character. It’s more important that you spend time trying to refine the character instead of wasting time trying to outdo each other. I think it’s better to share tips rather than go against each other.

To be honest, in cosplay there is a lot of hardship. Firstly, sometimes the cosplay doesn’t turn out the way you want it to from the costume to the props. Sometimes even people to people relations don’t go well but don’t stray away from the focus of having the love of the character and that’s how you should portray the character.


His passion for cosplay showed through out and he really showed that he wasn’t just a cosplayer but a true artiste. For more of KANAME☆ do check out POPCulture Online’s coverage of the Regional Cosplay Championship at AFA11.

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