Justin Bieber: Under The Mistletoe Reviewed

After My World 2.0 resulted in the universal rise of Bieber Fever, Justin Bieber seems to have released Under The Mistletoe as a sort of prelude to his next album that’s due out next year.

Under The Mistletoe marks his first holiday effort and when news of it first broke, it was hard to imagine how it would actually turn out. Was it too soon for the young star to be releasing a Christmas album or was he just catching on to the opportunity of more albums sales courtesy of his legions of fans.

We take a dive into his album and find ourselves pleasantly surprised with immaculate collections of warm sound beds and impressive singing.

The Verdict

Rampant rumors surrounding his personal life haven’t stopped fans from buying Justin Bieber’s music. His newest release, “Under the Mistletoe” has reached number one on the Billboard Top 200.

According to reports, the album sold 210,293 units in the first week in the U.S.  following its release. This marks Bieber’s third consecutive album to debut at number one.

He collaborates with the likes of Boyz II Men who have proven to be Christmas heavyweight voices in the past with a smooth and silky Fa La La tune as well as Busta Rhymes in what proves to be a head-scratcher Drummer Boy.

With the focus of this album being on Christmas I was more concerned with how Bieber’s album would have that modern touch. Sure the classic sounds of The Christmas Song and All I want for Christmas is you are familiar but I think they needed an update and this is where Bieber has done well. Singing The Christmas Song as a duet with mentor Usher was a touch of genius and All i want for Christmas is you with the original singer, Mariah Carey gave it not just a familiar sound but brought us to the year 2011 where music is so different these days.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

It’s a great pop piece of art collection, mixed with some R&B sounds, reflecting a deeper care for songwriting and singing from Bieber.

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