Jplex Vol. 1 Announced

If you enjoyed last year's Anime Festival Asia event and are looking for more, it seems that the good people at Sozo has something up their sleeves called Jplex. Jplex or Japan Entertainment Platform is focused to bringing the latest and hottest Japanese entertainment IPs to the Asian audience.


Jplex – Japan Entertainment Platform
4,5,6 March 2011 @ Republic Polytechnic Singapore
Get ready for a super weekend of Japanese entertainment with JPLEX Volume 1!
Branded as JPLEX Volume 1, the entertainment platform will bring to Singapore direct from Japan, 3 Anime Blockbusters, including titles like the latest Naruto Movie Naruto Shippudden: The Lost Tower, Sokyu No Fafner and the third installment of the highly acclaimed Gundam Unicorn series, all premiering for the first time ever in Singapore. Coupled with these exciting movies are 2 concert performances from top Japanese music groups, angela and FLOW, whose music have been featured extensively in the soundtracks of the featured movie franchises of Naruto and Sokyuu No Fafner.
You can check out their Facebook Page for the latest updates.

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