John Carter Reviewed

In the age where your usual science fiction movie means saving the world or even the universe using fancy rainbow colour beam swords or super high tech weaponry, anything that falls short gets overlooked with no 2nd thought.

Yet here we have a shirtless guy in an outfit that looks inspired by a certain Barbarian with a thick Austrian accent, armed with anything but futuristic written over it and saving the world, the old fashioned way. Science fiction in today’s context is anything but close.

But peel away all the stereotyping expectations and you will find something of a hidden gem among all the dirt and clay. Visuals for the world of Barsoom (what the natives of mars call their planet) is top rate and for those old school comic lovers, it gives the sense trill of an adventure waiting to happen.

To be fair, the storyline to the movie is no where near your brain cramping, plot twisting, epic literature award winning type that have come before. Thought to its credit, it is a must to say that before the likes of other blockbusting science fiction adventure movies, Edgar Rice Burroughs had it all thought out in the early 1900s with A Princess of Mars.

No complains though about the casting of Taylor Kitsch as John Carter but Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium was a good pick. Good looking enough to be the damsel in distress, her Texas background adds to the character which is also described as a competent and capable adventuress in her own right.

To be brutally honest, John Carter is no epic summer blockbuster movie that belongs to the “if there is only one movie to watch this year, this is it” list. But if old school science fiction adventure with stunning graphics are your type, or if you are looking for a movie to sit back and enjoy over the weekends, this would be one movie that should be at the top of your list.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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