Joe Jonas: Fastlife Reviewed

The highly anticipated solo album from multi-platinum recording artist Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Fastlife features production by Danja (Timbaland prodigy, credits include Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears), Rob Knox (T.I., Chris Brown, Britney Spears) and Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Ciara, Jennifer Hudson). Lead single “See No More” was co-written by Joe Jonas and Chris Brown and produced by Brian Kennedy (Rihanna “Disturbia”).

The Verdict

The middle Jonas brother finally gets his moment with a more mature voice tackling some very solid pop material. It’s a nice breakaway from the previous bubble gum pop he used to sing with his brothers. Listening to “Just In Love” I get the vibe that Joe Jonas is trying to do a Justin Timberlake in his graduation from being a teenybopper. It does sound like a sophisticated tune with some interesting mixes of vocal conversations in between, a little too distracting for me because it is a very good tune. Nice and cool which is a safest thing for him to do as he matures.

So he opts for a more contemporary sound and like I mentioned does a Justin Timberlake who incidentally hasn’t recorded an album in five-years. Good move, we miss Justin Timberlake and he could certainly fill in…..till Mr Sexyback himself returns. What I’m getting at is although Joe Jonas sounds great, there’s too much similarity to what Timberlake does and that could be his undoing, image wise.

But on a more musical note, “All This Time” features capable production by dance-pop/hip-hop producer Nate “Danja” Hills (Britney Spears “Get Naked” and P!nk’s “Sober”). Jonas sounds commanding enough and sings a solid opener that sets the tone of this album.

“Love Slayer” sees Danja back behind the production boards, yielding a catchy dance-vibe.But again I am reminded of Justin Timberlake.

Overall, Fastlife is a good album and Joe Jonas deserves recognition for his effort to appeal to a more mature audience. The young Jonas has good vocal tones a will surely go on to receive more radio air play and perhaps remixes in clubs. Though I don’t think he will reach the same status as Justin Timberlake but I’m only bring up Timberlake because there’s so much inspiration from Timberlake littered all over the album.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

This album is worth the hype and I’d recommend it particularly for those feeling a void from Justin Timberlake’s extended hiatus from music.

By Connor J. Bale

Fastlife is available now at all good music stores

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