Jessie J at Sing Jazz 2015

On day 2 of Sing Jazz 2015, Jessie J took time out of her schedule for an exclusive meet-and-greet with local youth who hail from 10sq and are recipients of the Business Times Budding Artists Fund, a designated charity of Sands for Singapore.

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In continuation of Sands for Singapore’s initiatives of giving back to the local community in meaningful ways, the meet-and-greet at Marina Bay Sands presented the local talent a rare opportunity to meet their favourite star.

 As Jessie entered the room, the young performers from 10sq surprised her with an a cappella rendition of ‘Masterpiece’, which moved the Grammy nominee to return the favour. In addition to giving them autographed tickets to the her show, the star invited the youth to perform the song with her on stage in the evening. Introducing them on stage for the second last song of the set, she said, “This is what I live for, they are my inspiration!”

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More on that in the next article but first POPCulture Online’s Elliott Danker managed to have a chat with the British hit-maker!

POPCulture Online: Tell us more about being in the same school as Adele. Ever thought of starting a girl band together back then?

Jessie J: It’s funny, I was 16 and studying musical theater and dreamt of doing this but don’t forget she wasn’t Adele….she was just normal Adele and so when we sang together we never sat and said “hey in 10 years we will be doing interviews together and people will ask us about our time in school together” Truth is you don’t really live like that. it kinda just happens. I’m so proud of her and she’s had some incredible success. I can’t wait for her new stuff to come out.

POPCulture Online: Are you a fan of football and which football club do you support?

Jessie J: Yes! I’m a Spurs fan but my dad is a much bigger Spurs fan! It’s actually my dad’s birthday today, he’s 59 and he’s playing football on his birthday. He plays like 3 times a week.

Turns to bodyguard and asked “Hey who’s a great Spurs player.” Bodyguard says “I hate Spurs, I’m an Arsenal fan”.

PR lady says “Hey I’m an Arsenal fan too”

This reporter says “I’m a Manchester United fan”

Jessie J says “Great crowd! We’re all getting along!”

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POPCulture Online: What was it like working with Nikki Minaj and Ariana Grande on Bang Bang?

Jessie J: It was great! The craziest thing about it is that Nikki and Ariana both recorded their parts separately to me. We never met! The first time we met was when it was Number one in America and it was the video shoot. It was quite cool because on our first meeting we were Number one and we all hi fived.

Then of course a few times during rehearsals for VMAs. So I actually haven’t met them that many times though it seems to everyone else like we’re super best friends but I think we’ve only met like 4 times or so.

POPCulture Online: If you could choose one person, alive or dead to collaborate with like in a duet. Who would it be?

Jessie J: Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston.

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Originally a car park, 10sq managed by The RICE Company Limited (RICE) is an arts training centre for young people which combines traditional arts spaces with arts technology. The programmes are designed as a catalyst for young people to initiate new creative ideas and be inspired to reach beyond their limits. 10sq is also home to youth budding artists, majority of whom are beneficiaries of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, pursuing an arts training programme in Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts and Music.

Images courtesy of Marina Bay Sands

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