J-Rock Matters Live With flumpool & SID

Kicking off the J Rock Matters segment of Music Matters Live 2013 at the Clarke Quay fountain was Japanese band flumpool who is no stranger to fans here in Singapore. Having performed here before, they looked all ready to rock the place even in the humid weather here in Singapore.

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Starting off their performance with “Kakusei Identity”, the band consisting of Ryuta Yamamura, Kazuki Sakai, Genki Amakawa and Seiji Ogura brought out the crowd with ease. Fans started singing along with cheers and claps as the 4 piece band performed the familiar piece.

Speaking in impressive English considering it is not his native language, vocalist Ryuta greeted the crowd to cheers of fans. Happy to back in Singapore once again, He shared his excitement to be once again playing in front of fans and that he regards Singapore as a wonderful place to perform in.

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Ending off their performance with “OAOA” which they performed with legendary Taiwanese band Mayday on EARTH × HEART LIVE 2013 and “Answer”, the band invited the energetic crowd to join in as the band performed their hearts out. Even though it was a short performance of 5 songs, the energy that was present was testimony of the band’s growing popularity both in Japan and abroad.

flumpool Set List

  1. Kakusei Identity (覚醒アイデンティティ)
  2. Touch
  3. Become a Flower (花になれ)
  4. OAOA
  5. Answer

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Since the band was formed 10 years ago in 2003, Japanese Visual Kei rock band SID has come a long from debuting on the Indie charts at number 3 with their 1st album “Ren-ai”. From “Monokuro no Kiss” (モノクロのキス) which was used for the opening of the anime “Kuroshitsuji” to “Uso” (嘘) which debuted at number two on the Oricon charts and was also used as the 1st ending theme of popular anime “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, there was hardly any surprise as the crowd roared to life again after the short interval as the band opened with those two popular song.

Making the stage their own with a presence that demonstrates their seasoned flair of being in the industry for 10 years, band members Mao, Shinji, Aki and Yuuya bounced around the stage full of energy as they entertained the screaming fans.

It was also nice to see front man Mao trying to communicated with the crowd in English. Even though it was kind of broken and there were hints of being unsure, you can’t really fault him as it was SID’s first time here in Singapore and he did managed to construct a sentience saying that it was the band’s first time here and they are so happy to be in Singapore. Two thumbs up for the effort!

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Moving on with “V.I.P”, another familiar tune used as the opening theme for the anime adaptation of the manga “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic”, it was interesting to see even tourist from the west clapping and cheering along with the local fans, a testimony that good music transcends even the language barrier. From then onwards, it was SID rocking the whole of Clarke Quay and claiming the night as their own.

Fans were also treated to lots of “fan service” with water sprays, bottle toss, picking up of lovingly made posters. There was even showing of skin with a defined six pack abs which of course sent the crowd into wild cheers which I’m guessing came mostly from the female fans and maybe a few impressed male ones as well.

Closing their performance and the J-Rock Matters segement of this years Music Matters Live with “One Way” and “Natsukoi” to even more cheers, there is no doubt that even skeptics of the band’s popularity would have no problems agreeing that this is one band that will continue to do well in the industry.

Hopefully this will not be the first and last time that we will get to see Mao, Shinji, Aki and Yuuya perform here in Singapore.

SID Set List

  1. Monokuro no Kiss (モノクロのキス)
  2. Uso (嘘)
  3. V.I.P
  4. One Way
  5. Natsukoi (夏恋)

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by Kenneth Wong
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