All Those Iron Man 3 Posters

We’re just over a month away from the release of the much anticipated Iron Man 3. They’ve released a few trailers and most recently a whole much of posters. I gotta say that this movie does seem to taking a totally different tone from the previous 2. Even with The Avengers, Tony Stark seemed pretty laid back and a fun character to watch.

This time he’s a mess, conflicted with himself and it would seem that he has finally met his match. Let’s take a look at all those Iron Man 3 posters and try and speculate where this movie is heading.

IM3 A4-5

I remember when this first teaser was released and it was probably the coolest poster ever from the franchise. We’ve got a nice tease of the new suit and the collection he’s built up. You know I always thought that the way they’ve introduced his suits has been cool so far and also how he keeps them on display but as a huge fan of the comics, I’ve always wished they would show a full hall of armors like how they do in print or even on the cartoons.

IM3 A4-7

Probably the first time we get to see the new Mark 42 on any poster and notice how for the first time, Iron Man isn’t flying upwards but he’s falling. I found this next picture online… interesting tribute to the comics.


Again we see a darker tone to movie and it really echos one of the taglines of the movie….does the suit make the man or the man make the suit? You get the sense that it’s been some time coming especially from the scene in The Avengers where Captain America asks Tony “Big man in a suit of armor, take that away what are you”?

IM3 A4-3

I remember when some of the set photos first appeared showing this Iron Patriot armor. Lots of fans were wondering, hey wait a minute, Norman Osborn aka Iron Patriot has got his movie distribution rights under Sony. Iron Man 3 is coming from Disney so how does this work out?

Well it turns out that the writers have worked a very interesting take on the Iron Patriot. It’s safe to assume that Tony has allowed Rhodey to keep his War Machine armor and Rhodey has given it a new paint job. *Warning Spoilers ahead* We’ve learnt that the Iron Patriot is sort of like a government agent. You see, the U.S. Government is a little embarrassed that The Avengers were the ones who got the job done and now they want this Iron Patriot to report to them, be their superhero and work within the lines of the government unlike Iron Man and The Avengers. I wonder who conflicted Rhodey will get in this movie.

IM3 A4-1

Guy Pearce plays Aldrich Killian, the creator of the Extremis. Well first of all, great casting! Secondly, I think he’s gonna be a real ass hole in this film! Hahaha pardon my language but this is a good thing. Again lots of speculation going around online but it’s pretty safe to say that since he’s going to be the right hand man of The Mandarin, he’d be doing a lot of the political instigating before The Mandarin makes his grand opening.

Not much is know about the kind of tone his character will take but he’s a crucial character in the comics and it will be interesting to see how the writers translate this to the big screen.

IM3 A4-2

It’s all about the writing and they have been safe with Iron Man 1 and 2, featuring Iron Monger and Whiplash as their earlier villains. Everyone knows that Iron Man’s greatest foe is The Mandarin and Iron Man 1 and 2 director Jon Favreau mentioned previously that it was a little out of this world to have The Mandarin as the villain.

Well to kick start Phase 2 of The Avengers, The Mandarin wouldn’t be a problem now because we’ve had Thor which introduced us to a whole new world, The Avengers gave us a hint at space villains in the Chitauri so why not the mystical Mandarin? Plus they got Ben Kingsley who’s probably born to play the role. There is still a sense of realism with this character as we have seen in the trailer, he’s a terrorist. Again it all comes down to the writing which so far seems promisingly clever.

IM3 A4-4

Since the trailer and then now this character poster of Pepper Potts, I’m going “Pepper is gonna be so cool in this movie”….like finally! I’ve always felt that she hasn’t really been a huge character in the movies so far but fair enough, she’s been overshadowed by all the other superheros.

Looking at this poster it’s obvious that it will be a testing time on Tony and Pepper’s relationship and if we include all the info from the trailers so far, they are very much in love and there’s no more playboy Tony.

I do hope that there’s more to this poster tho…..I’ve read that we might see Pepper in the suit, oh gosh I really hope so and I know fans around the world will be hoping for the same! The big question, baring in mind the rewrite of Iron Patriot from it’s comic origins is, while we may see Pepper in the suit, will it be R.E.S.C.U.E.?

IM3 A4-6

Ah yes, wasn’t this the most revealing poster? The best parts about this was not even the battle damaged Tony Stark / Iron Man in the foreground but the seven suits in the background!

If you look closely you will see deep space armor, heart burner armor (this could be a crucial for the final battle against The Mandarin) stealth armor, aquatic armor, asgardian destroyer armor and maybe HAPPY armor. You’re wondering how I know? Well I’m insane that way! The big question here is, how the heck is he going to control all of them?

IM3 A4-couple

Perfect is the only word that can be used to describe this final poster! To me this is even better than all the other posters like even the ones from The Avengers! We’ve got everything here, a damaged Tony Stark, love of his life Pepper in his arms, it’s like a classic action movie poster but with a superhero touch.

So the elements are all in place for this movie and we’ve got a bit of a new direction in terms of tone. The stage is set really, now will it all comes down to the writing, will it pay off?…..find out on Apr 26!

By Elliott Danker

Iron Man 3 Images courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore

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