Iron Man 3 First Looks

With the plot of Iron Man 3 rumoured to be based on he Extremis story arc, the trailer release does raise some questions as to where Tony Stark is at, mentally and physically in the first trailer of Iron Man 3

The first thing we know is that Tony Stark can’t sleep and that things haven’t been the same since the battle of New York in the final act of The Avengers.

The trailer sees Tony Stark on an operating table for unknown reasons. Could this be the beginnings of Stark being outfitted with Extremis, the nanotechnology that allows the Iron Man armor to form from within his body. Sounds a little gross doesn’t it?

We also see Tony being able to summon parts of his Iron Man armor presumably with his mind. Does his mind lose it? We do see his armor sort of attack Pepper Potts while she is in bed with Tony. A rouge armor or a corrupt JARVIS?

And what’s with this Iron Patriot?? It’s Lt Col James Rhodes and I can confirm this! Just look carefully and the left side of his chest on this armor and you will see “Lt Col James Rhodes”. So perhaps he’s going with a new look from War Machine. I do hope he chances to the classic War Machine design at some stage in the movie.

Is the Mandarin a man or a magic man? Well comic book fans will know that the Mandarin has 10 rings with magical powers. Now such a concept is always going to be tricky but this trailer seems to indicate that the Mandarin is simply a man or terrorist with lots of resources. Perhaps a more realistic approach.

A blown up house, no more Iron Man armors and Tony Stark with perhaps one of the most awesome “Lonely Man” impressions I’ve seen at the end of the trailer. This movie just might make us question…..where are the rest of The Avengers when you need them.

Whatever the speculation may be, it is certainly looking like a darker tone of Iron Man in this 3rd installment of the franchise and definitely a more personal one as well. I think fans around the world will be excited to know that the armored avenger looks like he will soar to new heights in the hands of Shane Black.

By Elliott Danker

Iron Man 3 opens in cinemas 23 April 2013

Images courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore

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