Into Dan’s Comic Realm

On a quest to go where no interview has gone before, Ken Koh finds a very unique composition of interviewees, featuring a local cartoonist, a monkey and a guy in a unicorn suit with a mole. They are from Dan’s Comic Realm 柯建立漫画空间 and with everything comics, what better way than to “panelise” everything.

Many thanks to local talent Mr Dan Kuah comic artist, his monkey son Ben and that guy in a unicorn suit with a mole, Smith Leong for their time. On behalf of PCO I would like to wish them the best of their endeavours, Dan happy fathering that brat Monkey of yours, m̶o̶n̶k̶e̶y̶  Ben be filial to your parents and Smith, RAINBOW FARTS RULES =D

For more of Ben Ben Diaries, do head over to Dan’s Comic Realm 柯建立漫画空间.

by Ken Koh

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