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Japanese Rock Band amazarashi is no stranger to the music industry having their songs used in both popular animes such as Tokyo Ghoul and their collaboration with Yoko Taro for NieR:Automata. We talk to the band ahead of their first ever performance here in Singapore come end March.

It has been about 10 years since the band was formed, how has the journey been so far?

Hiromu Akita: Things have changed so rapidly it’s dizzying. Our lifestyle and way of thinking from 10 years ago have changed. In the midst of all that, being able to create an environment where we can just immerse ourselves in music is definitely one of the best things that have happened. The downside is there are a lot of annoying things because we what we do puts us in the public eye. There have been times when we’re all hugging one another in joy, as well as times when we’ve cried over our failures together. We’re extremely glad to have been able to live the past 10 years like this, focusing on our music.

How did the name amazarashi come about?

Hiromu Akita: It comes from the idea that “we may be weatherbeaten (amazarashi) from the rain that is the sadness and suffering we face in life every day, but still we carry on.”

From Tokyo Ghoul to Boku no Hero Academia, your songs have been used in various anime. Is there a favourite and why?

Hiromu Akita: I have my own preference of course, but because each and every song is a creation involving many other people, I would prefer not to rank them. There’s always an element of “I should have changed it a bit” after each song is completed, but I’m also confident that every song is a good one. What makes me happiest about every collaboration is the anime’s original writer being pleased with the final product.  

The band had the chance to work with Yoko Taro for the very popular game NieR:Automata, how was the experience like?

Hiromu Akita: We met up with Yoko Taro to share my proposal and discuss it. As I usually write amazarashi’s songs by myself, I find it stimulating to communicate and collaborate with Yoko Taro. Yoko Taro is a game creator that I look up to so whenever we spoke I thought about how he must have been when he is creating games. I was also influenced by NieR:Automata and I think that this song was specially stimulating. For every collaboration song, I always aim to write something that would not have been written if not for the game. It is an important motivation of mine when writing songs.

Is there something the band is looking forward to here in Singapore?

Hiromu Akita: I’m from the northern part of Japan where every winter is cold and snowy, so I admire the sunny weather in tropical countries. I’m really excited to be going to Singapore. I’m also interested in historical buildings and old streets where I can experience the culture of the country, although I don’t think that we’ll have much chance to sightsee this time around. It’s the concert itself that I’m looking forward to most.

Is there anything the band would like to say to fans coming to the concert?

Hiromu Akita: It’s our first time in Singapore and we are not sure if we really have any fans. Regardless, we want to perform like how we always do at every concert in Japan. As our music places a lot of emphasis on words, it’s possible that not everything will be conveyed easily, but we will put our heart and soul into performing, to try to deliver some sort of message to those who already know us from anime and games, as well as those who have yet to know us.

We look forward to seeing you on 31st March!

By Kenneth Wong

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