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No stranger to the YouTube music Community, Alexander George Gut or Alex Goot (as he is known to fans all over the world) has risen up the popularity ladder over the short years that he has been making music. From covers of smash hits to producing his own including “Wake Up Call” this year, this is one name to look out for and follow on YouTube.

POPCulture Online recently caught up with the talented singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist to ask him about his music, who he would like to work with and how he got started.

Alex Goot Interview POPCulture Online Singapore Pre Concert

How did you get started with recording music when you were 16?

Alex: I didn’t realize what I was even doing when I started to record music. I was just doing it for fun. I picked up whatever recording gear I could get my hands on and I’d sit there day-in and day-out… experimenting with different sounds and trying to write songs.

Since then, has your musical direction changed and if so, were there any factors that contributed to it?

Alex: It did change a lot. When I began to cover songs for YouTube, they all tended to be in the super pop-genre.. as in, smash-hit songs. My writing process was heavily influenced by this — I went from a more heavy punk rock style to straight up sugary-sweet pop.

Alex Goot Interview POPCulture Online Singapore Pre Concert 2

If you could describe your music in one word, what would it be and why?

Alex: Oniony. Because onions, like ogres, have layers. And so does my music.

Over the years, you have done many covers of popular songs. If there was one cover you could do with its original artist, which one would it be and why?

Katy Perry. It’d be an unmeasurable honor to collaborate with the very very best and brightest pop icon of our time. She’s an incredible performer and deliverer of pop music goodness to so many millions of people all over the world. AND she’s dating John Mayer. What’s not to love? <3

Alex Good Live Singapore Concert 2014

You have also done many originals singles like your latest one “Wake Up Call”, how does it differ from doing a cover?

Alex: You can cover a song and already KNOW that your source material is good. The hard part (the writing) has already been done for you. You already know that millions of people love the song you’re about to record.

Writing original songs is much, much harder (I think) because you only have yourself to conjure up EVERY single moment a listener is going to hear. It’s a craft that goes directly from your brain to their ears. You can never be sure that what you’re writing is gonna be good enough to keep a listener engaged and truly experience something. It’s a shot in the dark.

It is no surprise that you have many fans in Singapore looking at all the buzz from the social media space here. Do you have a message for all your fans here and what can they expect from your concert?

Alex: I can’t wait to come play for you guys! It’ll be like I’m hopping right out of the YouTube player and onto stage. I just want everyone to have an amazing time and sing along and get lost in the music.

Thank you Alex for your time and we look forward to seeing you on the 21st of August 2014 for your concert at the *SCAPE Ground Theater.

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by Kenneth Wong
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