POP Art with Rina Chan

Having portrayed characters such as Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca from the Final Fantasy XII to Orihara Izaya from Durarara, Rina Chan is no stranger to the local cosplay scene having cosplayed at some of the major events over the past few years.

POPCulture Online caught up with this talented lady to find out more about her cosplay.

Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca from FF12

POPCulture Online: What got you started cosplaying and when did you start?

Rina: I started cosplaying in 2006 when a friend asked me along to cosplay with her.

POPCulture Online: Having portrayed both female and male anime characters, which is harder to cosplay and why?

Rina:  Cosplaying both female and male characters have their own difficulties.

For female characters, I have to especially make sure I behave more femine to bring out the character while as a male, it requires me to act like a man. I actually decided to cosplay male characters purely because there are some characters that interest me.

Shui from Lamento


POPCulture Online: Being a cosplayer photographer, does that have any impact on your own cosplay?

Rina: Being a photographer myself helps me to be more aware of my own physcial flaws and also helps me to understand the lighting of the photo.

With the knowledge of good lighting conditions, I am able to think of a pose that's best suited for the photo.

POPCulture Online: Do you have a particular theme or reason for picking the characters to cosplay?

Rina: Honestly, I just cosplay the characters that I like. That's the most important aspect for me.

Haine Rammsteiner from DOGS

POPCulture Online: Could you tell us about a memorable event or photoshoot you attended that has left the deepest impression on you?

Rina: I think the most memorable photoshoot I attended as a photographer so far was for the "Dogs: Bullets & Carnage" photoshoot. Considering the location and the hot weather that day *hahaha* the photos came out very nice in the end.

POPCulture Online: If there is one thing you would like to tell new cosplayers, what would that be?

Rina: If you are going to cosplay as a female character whose costume includes mini skirts, do wear safety pants.

It's always good to research on where you would like to have your photoshoot done and discuss with the photographers about the end product you want from shoot.

Your photographer should also try to understand your character before the photoshoot and remember to respect each other.

Merurine Luka from Vocaloid

Photo Credits : rinabyakuran.deviantart.com

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