Interview With Emi Liaric

So while being a responsible worker, our resident Digital Artist Ken Koh was researching around and stumbled upon a cutie named Emi. Donning his best, he went into interviewer mode WITHOUT APPROVAL…

Juvia Cosplay from Fairy TailsJuvia Cosplay from Fairy Tails, photo by Ken Koh

1. Hey you, for the record just how old are you again? (As of  Jan 2014)
(Ken: Ok there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen now you know.)

2. Moving along, share with the readers who are you?

Hello! My name is Emi Liaric, and I’m a cosplayer from the sunny island of Singapore. Well my cosname is actually Iliaric, but due to the large amount of people that can’t pronounce it (read ee-li-eh-rick), I ended up tacking on Emi for simplicity’s sake (chuckles). I’m an avid fan of the Japanese culture, being the producer for Toki Doki Maid & Butler Café and Japanese Arts Fiesta. The only notable exception to that would have to be my music of choice, which is generally K-Pop.

Princess of the Crystal Cosplay from Mawaru PenguindrumPrincess of the Crystal Cosplay from Mawaru Penguindrum, photo by nutcase23

3. Your Favourite Salad dressing is? (Evil grins)

Japanese goma dressing (Sesame seed dressing). All-time favourite for quite a while now. Love how nutty this tastes!

4. How did you pick up cosplaying? Any influences?

It all started in 2008 when a certain cosplay store opened up its flagship store at Suntec. Interestingly, I was only there to purchase a Death Note notebook as I happened to be watching the Death Note series at that time, when the cashier remarked that I look like Orochimaru (from Naruto) and asked if I wanted to join his team. Being rather curious about the whole idea of cosplay, I joined and never looked back since. As for influences, they change periodically but it’s currently Reika (from Japan) and King (from Taiwan). These two cosers really are passionate about their cosplays, making their own costumes and props, and their photos are insanely close to how I would imagine the anime to be if it came to life.

Scanty Daemon Cosplay from Panty and Stocking with GarterbeltScanty Daemon Cosplay from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, photo by Blurmage

5. Popcorn Sweet or Salty?

Half-half for popcorn

6. What do you like about cosplaying?

Well, being able to bring a character to life and express all my feels for them would have to be one of the top few reason I like about cosplaying. But the top reason would definitely have to be the preparation prior to actually cosing the character, especially if you’re in a team, where you get hang out with your friends to make the costume/props, go out to purchase the items needed, and even prepping the storyboard for the shoot to actually having the shoot itself.

7. Besides cosplay how do you spend your time?

Work does take up a large portion of my time (I’m a teacher), so most of my free time is spent on prepping notes and marking worksheets. If not, I’m generally on Youtube watching cooking videos and experimenting with recipes.

8. You mention cooking, do elaborate.

I absolutely love making myself hungry at midnight watching cooking videos (*cough*). In all honesty, I’m an avid cook/baker simply because I have weird ideas regarding flavours and tastes and there’s no better way to try them out but to cook it myself. They generally turn out well but sometimes…..not so well. That, and that it’s sometimes pretty hard to find some food that I’ve had overseas and really love, so I make them to satisfy my own cravings.

Evening CasualEvening Casual, Photo by Ken Koh

9. M&Ms or Kit Kat ?
Kit kat!

10. Wtih your credentials have you taken up modeling ?

Well, I do freelance modelling part time (couple of adverts, events, shows here and there), but I don’t consider myself to be a model per say. It actually isn’t as easy to be a model as many think, simply cause it’s more than taking a couple of pretty pictures. Many people wrongly consider ‘talents’ to be ‘models’, but…. that’s a whole new can of worms so I shall stay away for now.

11. Lastly, how you like your eggs in the morning ?

Either scrambled or as an omelette! Omelette if I’m not making a full breakfast, especially those with tomatoes, onions, bacon, cheese, topped with Japanese mayonnaise and tomato sauce with a sprinkling of chopped spring onions.……yum! (yes, I do have weird tastes)

Outdoor CasualOutdoor Casual, Photo by Ken Koh

So readers there you have it, if you want to ask Emi out on a date I hope my odd numbered questions aid you in some way or another. Finally on behalf of POPCulture Online, we wish her well in her endeavors locally and in China too… or so I heard 😀

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by Ken Koh
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