Interview with Cosplayer Okageo

Cosplaying since 2008, Okageo has been invited to judge at cosplay contest around the world including a World Cosplay Summit preliminary. He has also worked with Crunchyroll, Elsword and Nerdblock to promote games and anime products, and also starred in “Call to Cosplay”. Recently in Singapore as one of the Cosplay Guest for GameStart 2016, Kenneth Wong speaks to the cosplayer whose favourite phase is “When you can’t sew, you go topless… or make armours”.

GameStart 2016 Cosplay Guest Okageo Interview

Traveling to Asia and Singapore for the first time, he was pleasantly surprised that everyone here speaks English and the locals are generally nice which is an eye opening experience for him who has never been to Asia. With Singapore being such a foodie place, he also tried out our local food which is partly responsible for the “lost” of his abs. Although fans of the cosplayer (with abs that makes me ashamed I didn’t exercise more) need not worry as he has a good sound game plan with regards to his body.

Sharing with me how I too can start my journey to getting that nice 6 pack abs, Okageo touched on the idea about know your body works first. Once that is achieved, the next step is to incorporate dieting and working which would get the results. Perseverance is also needed as even though you work out 2-3 times a week and keep a good diet, it would still take some time to see changes but there will definitely be changes he assured me. Guess its time to start reducing all that Coke Zero from my weekly intake. Lastly there is no escape from both crunches and leg raises as they each target the top and bottom abs respectively. Well considering 6 out of the 12 prints at the New Tokyo Project booth shows nicely defined abs, this advice can be trusted!

GameStart 2016 Cosplay Guest Okageo Interview

Moving onto the topic of his cosplay, Okageo shared that it was more of a curiosity that got him started on cosplay. He was at an anime convention where he saw a bunch of people in cosplay. That led to him finding more about cosplay and starting with a Final Fantasy 7 cosplay group which also is his favourite game. With the idea that he wants to continue improving his craft in both costumes and props, he kept on advancing and improving but that also meant the cost of his costumes and props continued to increase to a point where it cost nearly $2000 for one of his cosplay.  Thus the idea to keep his cosplay under $100 came about. With this target, Okageo started looking for materials to use in his cosplay that would give similar results as more expensive ones. This led him to start using Free Form® AIR, a special type of clay that goes on top of foam which is durable and light.

Touching on armour cosplays, the tip for those looking to get into this area is to use EVA foam. Not only does it keep the cost down, it is also easier to work with and one of the more comfortable materials to wear. The armour proportion is also very important when making cosplay armour as human perspective on proportion plays an important role. One example Okageo shared would be that a guy with an upside down triangle top would be more attractive compared to a guy who has a block shape top in  general. The same applies to armour proportion that where it is top heavy coming down like an upside triangle compared to one that is straight down like a block. This can be seen with Korean animations and game artworks where they have tight fitting armours with good proportions.

GameStart 2016 Cosplay Guest Okageo Interview

Ending off the interview with the topic on food since he arrived a few days before GameStart 2016, Okageo was impressed with the amount of food here in Singapore and that nearly cost him his abs. One thing that he also learned about our food is that Asian Spicy is different from American Spicy. While with American Spicy, he can look tough and ask for all the levels, here with Asian Spicy, he would just go for a mild level after learning the hard way.

Thank you Okageo for your time and we hoped the trip here to Singapore with all the food was a good one for you. Hopefully it doesn’t take long to get back all your abs and we look forward to seeing you again!

Photos by Ken Koh

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