Interview with Cosplayer Naokunn

After some soul searching and to appeal to our female readers as well, our resident Digital Artist decided to find a balance in his choice of interviewees’ gender and did his homework into male cosplayers. Looking for someone who not only is an established cosplayer but also a fine gentleman, he approaches local cosplayer Naokunn for an interview.

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - Kisa CosplaySekai Ichi Hatsukoi – Kisa by Chia yi

Dear Kind Sir, with much enthusiasm and details, please share with us how your life as a cosplayer all began… once a upon a time…

I started Cosplay because of the Hitman Reborn anime / manga as the development of the characters made me want to portray them. I wanted to bring the character to life and do my best to portray them.

How do you choose the characters to cosplay?

I choose the character to cosplay base on feels as I believe I can portray the character better. It also depends on the personality of the character. Not forgetting those characters with blonde hair as I like to cosplay these characters! Haha…

Dramatical Murder - Trip CosplayDramatical Murder – Trip by Calvin Lin

Do you cross-dress for certain characters? Care to elaborate? *twitches eyebrows*

Yes, I do Crossplay but only for some selective character as I don’t usually crossplay often. To me it depends on the series and then the character and of course which version or design the character has. From there, I will then decide whether to crossplay the character.

FF Type 0 - Eight CosplayFF Type 0 – Eight by Rina Nacar

Whats the biggest challenge you’ve faced when cosplaying?

The biggest challenge for me would be my back as I have an existing back injury. This can cause pain to my nerves and sometimes just by walking. It ever happened before during one of my photoshoots. It affected my walking as the pain to the nerves sent pain down to my leg. I had to rest for a while till it got better before carrying on with the photoshoot.

AKB0048 - Sayaka Akimoto the 10th CosplayAKB0048 – Sayaka Akimoto the 10th by Xeno

How do you keep in shape any tips you like to share?

Hmm… I don’t know… I probably watch what I eat. Also due to my back injury, I can’t do much exercise and risk causing more pain to my back. But I do go to the gym to do light work outs and I also jog when I can. I also drink tea everyday as it is good for health.

How to you balance cosplaying with your daily life activities?

MY work comes first and if there are pressing things, I will do those first. Cosplay comes when I got free time although I tend to work late on cosplay which gives me lack of sleep. If this is the case I will usually drink energy drinks to keep me going. Hahaha…

beastmaster and prince snow bride - matheus cosplayBeastmaster and Prince Snow Bride – Matheus by Alify Adnin

Did you enjoy trolling those photographers whom assumed you were female while cross dressing? Do share stories. *evil grins*

Haha… That would be a no as usually when they assume I am female, I will just laugh and thank them for the photo.

You are now washed up on a deserted Island, washed up with you is a box, what would the box contain? (The first thing to your mind)

It’s empty!! (nothing comes to mind)


Casual by Xeno

Thank you Naokunn for your time!

And there you have it. We wish Naokunn the best of health and also all his future endeavours. Dont forget to pop by his Facebook page at

by Ken Koh
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