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Known for her jaw-dropping armored creations, many of which are inspired by Blizzard’s titles, Kamui is no stranger to the international cosplay community having won many awards for her craft. Recently emerging as grand champion at BlizzCon 2013′s cosplay competition, Kamui continues to wow the world with her excellent crafting and props making.

Secretly plotting to steal her Axe to use as a motivational tool for his team (and failing at it badly), Kenneth Wong speaks to the composed & friendly cosplayer from Germany about her favorite Blizzard character, her beginnings and her plans for the future.

ICDS 2014 - Cosplayer Interview Kamui 01

Everyone starts off somewhere either being inspired by a certain character, at an event or by another cosplayer. What got you started on your cosplay journey?

My story is a pretty long one as I started cosplaying in 2003. I read a magazine about anime and manga and the magazine also reported about cosplay events. I decided that I would want to visit one of these events myself where at least 80% of the attendees are in costume. Surely I have to come in costume as well so I picked up a character from a series I really liked which was Great Saiyaman. Although looking back, it was pretty crappy and didn’t turn out that well and my mistake was that I did it because everyone else also did it and didn’t have a lot of fun with that. I tried other costumes but somehow didn’t really have a passion for that.

After that I started playing World of Warcraft and got really addicted to the game. I then had a crazy idea to cosplay my avatar which was the first character I created in game, a night elf druid called Kamui which I made many costumes over and over again and cosplayed her for 6 years. Every year I would make a new costume for her. Because of this, people would know me for this night elf cosplay and the costumes so I decided to take on Kamui as my cosplay alias. It was through World of Warcraft that I focused pretty much on armor and props making as I noticed that I love crafting more then sewing plus I am not very good at sewing.

Last year I started doing this as my full time job and cosplaying now full time. I get to travel around a lot but don’t really see myself as a professional cosplayer at this point. I mainly write books and tutorials to help other cosplayers and that’s basically my life right now.

You have many cosplays from the Blizzard universe. Is there one that’s your favorite one and why?

It would be the Druid from World of Warcraft but sadly I don’t cosplay that character much now due to the body paint required. I really like the look of everything and how the silhouette is and one of my best costumes that turned out well.

I also really like the Barbarian which I wear right now because it is comfortable. In fact it is the most comfortable right now and it has been around for 3 years. I won the Blizzard competition at GamesCom with it. The Barbarian character fits me very well as she is a strong female character and very self confident. She is someone you have great respect for and she is just so bad ass. If I ever wanted to bring a cool comfortable costume to walk around a convention like this, it would be the Barbarian.

ICDS 2014 - Cosplayer Interview Kamui Heroes of the Storm

Have you tried the Barbarian character from Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm?

Yes I have. Just now I had a chance for a match and used the Barbarian and she is pretty bad ass and I love her.

After your stunning cosplay of Malthael (which makes me wanna go back to Diablo 3), what’s next for you?

Right now I am working on Marvel character, Dani Moonstar, which I plan to finish. I would like to also do Sonya from Heroes of the Storm in her master skin. I would also love to make Faora from Man of Steel. Maybe also a character from Terra Online.

As I am now on my world tour, I will be visiting many countries in the next few weeks and by the time I get back to Germany for at least a week it will be in mid December. I don’t think I will have time to make any new costumes at the moment but I do try to continue writing my books.

ICDS 2014 - Cosplayer Interview Kamui 02

If you were the raid leader in World of Warcraft and you see your raid members dying but the boss has only 1% hp left, what would be your battle cry to rally the team to finish the boss off?

I don’t want to be a raid leader, I try to be at the back at of the raid as I am not a very good player so I try to heal. I play a restoration druid so I just heal and watch my whole raid die. I keep trying to heal myself to stay alive and I think I will end up running in panic into one of the lava things and just slowly die. (Laughs)

Yeah, I never want to be a raid leader (which at this point Kenneth also embarrassingly shares how he will just pally bubble and hearthstone out of the battle) but I think I will just randomly scream “DOTs… More DOTs!” (which is a short form for Damage Over Time) and minus 50 DKP if we don’t get this! (Dragon Kill Points which is an in-guild currency to bid for items)

Thank you Kamui for you time and we look forward to seeing that Sonya master skin cosplay.

Photos by Ken Koh

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