An Audience with The Queen Of Blades Acer | Scarlett

The Intel Extreme Masters Singapore brought some of THE best StarCraft II players from around the globe and one of them was the Queen Of Blades (not Sarah Kerrigan) herself Acer | Scarlett. Known for her aggressive style of play during competitions, our tech writer KangYi was caught up with Scarlett after her intense rematch with StarTale Bomber – which she emerged victorious.

Acer | Scarlett Intel Extreme Masters Singapore

For some of the readers who are unfamiliar with who you are, can you please introduce yourself and what race do you play in Starcraft II

Acer | Scarlett: Hello I am Scarlett, my real name is Sasha Hostyn and I’m a Zerg Player from Canada.

How did you get exposed to Starcraft series

Acer | Scarlett: My brother got me into it, he used to watch Brood Wars and GSL and such and then he got me watching and playing.

How and when did you transition from an amateur to a fully fledged Professional gamer

Acer | Scarlett: I started out by just playing Ladder (Ranked Games in SC2’s online multiplayer mode) and just Ladder; I ended up becoming pretty good so I played an online qualifier for a tournament (Playhem “Sponsor Me!” Tournament) and I won that so, that’s how I got started. It is an online tournament so if you’re not know yet, you still can play this, if you’re really good and you can win and get sponsored and noticed.

Acer | Scarlett Intel Extreme Masters Singapore

What is your gaming gear do you use during tournaments

Acer | Scarlett: I use a Logitech G9X mouse and a Zowie Celeritas keyboard

What are your thoughts on the Zerg Vs Terran and Zerg VS Protoss matchup in Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm

Acer | Scarlett: Well for Zerg Vs Terran, I like the matchup a lot, the better player usually wins with the use of mind games and by controlling everything i.e Aggressive map control/expansion. But for Zerg Vs Protoss, I really don’t like the matchup at all… It’s very easy to lose to like Stupid stuff, you know it’s coming, you know what you’re doing but you’ll still lose anyways because the force fields are really good.

What did you do to unwind and relax yourself when you’re not practising or playing

Acer | Scarlett: Well, I like to watch TV shows to relax, just turn my brain off and watch TV shows.

So what TV shows do you actually like

Acer | Scarlett: Anything, I just watch A LOT of TV shows -laughs-

Thank you Scarlett for your time.

Photos by Ken Koh

by Chen KangYi

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