Intel Extreme Masters Singapore Day 1 Report

Intel Extreme Masters Singapore Day 1 Report 02

Away from the screaming promoters and electronic appliances on sale, Sitex also played host to the Singapore Leg of the Intel Extreme Masters Tournament – a E-Sports tournament that brought some of the BEST League Of Legends and Starcraft II players from around the globe in a battle for supremacy !

Some of the players that’ll be competing in the StarCraft II tournament includes the Acer |  Scarlett, StarTale Bomber and fan favourite Grubby. While in League Of Legends tournament, teams from our very own Garena Premier League such as Singapore’s very own Singapore Sentinels and Season 2 world champions Taipei Assassins would be vying for the grand prize however they would need to get pass Korean powerhouse CJ Entus Frost and the Chinese juggernaut Invictus Gaming.

League of Legends

Intel Extreme Masters Singapore Day 1 Report 01

Day 1 saw 4 teams duke it out for supremacy in the Amateur tournaments with a prize pot of $20,000.

The first match saw Cyber Games Arena from Hong Kong face off against DetonatioN FM from Japan. DetonatioN took the first game with ease however an underestimation of CGA’s abilities in team fights costs DetonatioN the 2nd game. The match came down to the wire with CGA inching out against their Japanese opponent by winning several crucial team fights late into the game.  With their victory they would be moving on to the grand finals.

The next match saw GPL veterans Kuala Lumpur Hunters facing off against Hong Kong Attitude. Relatively unknown in South East Asia, HKA shocked everyone with their dominating performance over KLH, HKA gained a huge gold advantage in both games by dominating the early laning phases and continuously snowballing their early advantage by grabbing an early dragon. To say that KLH got steamrolled would be an understatement.

The grand finals would see 2 teams from Hong Kong duke it out for the $20,000 grand prize!

Starcraft 2

Intel Extreme Masters Starcraft 2 Singapore Groups

What’s Intel Extreme Masters without Starcraft right ? Day 1 say saw Korean domination as 5 Korean players would be  moving on to the Group Stages. Unfortunately none of the European players (Feast, TargA and SaSe) would be joining Grubby and Happy in Stage 2.

Stage 2 would see players being separated into groups of 4. Players in each group would battle it out with the top 2 from each group moving on to the playoffs.

Photos courtesy of  ESL/Turtle Entertainment

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