Injustice Gods Among Us Demo

From the creators of Mortal Kombat comes this highly anticipated one on one arena styled game that takes place on a totally different dimension and the best part is, it involves all your favourite DC heroes!

The game itself won’t be released till 19 Apr but a demo version is now available via XBOX Live or PCN and if you have been following IGN’s battle arenas then I’m pretty sure that you’d be as excited about this game as I am. The first impression I’m getting is promising. They let you play as Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor (good that they saved Superman otherwise it would have been over kill for a demo)

The story mode isn’t present because it is a demo so all you have are battle arenas which is alright because you get a sense of the graphics involved and one of the talking points of the game which is environmental attacks. This one should be fun if you’re playing with the Joker or Harley Quinn. You basically get to use the environment to your advantage so imagine the cheap shots you could create with Joker. While watching the IGN battle arenas I saw one that had like a meat locker of sorts and the character could reach for that huge slab of meat and throw it in the way of your opponent , loads of laughs for sure.

Worth getting? Hell yeah if you’re a comic book fan and if you like Mortal Kombat then this offers something different. The last time these guys took on DC Comics was for the game Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe in 2008. I thought that game was ok, story plot was simple and graphics could have been better but now with this one, I’m definitely looking forward to it. The demo gets you in the mood as a form of build up but I don’t think it will be reflective of the multitude of what we can expect. Fingers crossed that we’ll get a good game on 19 Apr!

I actually went out and got this collector’s edition after playing a bit of the demo. Damn I love that statue, just hope there real thing doesn’t end up looking cheap. This one is the UK version with 3 DLC skins, comic book and steel book. Details below!


There’s also a U.S. collector’s edition with a comic book and 3 DLC skins as well as a statue but I don’t like the design of that statue. The UK one featuring Wonder Woman vs Batman is more badass.

The consoles aren’t the only option to get your hands on the game, you could even download a version of it via iTunes. I’ve been on it for a few days now and it can get quite frustrating because there’s a lot of tapping on the screen involved but hey I won’t complain because it is after all on an iphone and it does kinda build you up to the release of the game.

By Elliott Danker

Injustice Gods Among Us will be available in stores 19 Apr

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