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inFAMOUS Second Son, this Playstation 4 exclusive title puts you in the shoes of Delsin, a young punk who gets into trouble and well conveniently stumbles across his special ability. Without giving too much of the story away, you are a conduit who harnesses the ability to absorb another individual’s special powers and of course with great responsibility comes great… oh wait never mind. So how does the game do?

You are thrust into the open world of Seattle and your objective is to hunt down the DUP and their initiative clamping down on bio-terrorist. 2nd son harnesses the power of the Playstation 4, as the visuals look sleek and you could see nice touches around the open world sandbox as you cruise along with your super powers either saving or destroying everything thing in sight.  If you have played any of the previous infamous titles, you would feel right at home. Apart from the change in main character, most of what made infamous a flagship game on the Playstation 3 has been carried over to this Playstation 4 installation. Most gameplay elements were retained, notably, the decision to save or execute and a karma meter which determines Delsin’s power upgrade skill tree.

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As you glide around the open city, there’s plenty to scale around and I admit, there’s a certain appeal and fantasy of traversing smoke pipes and appearing at the top of buildings instantaneously. Scattered around the city are D.U.P zones which as you guessed are there to stop or control bio-terrorism and if you find yourself anywhere in that zone, you’re gonna have a bad time. But fear not, your arsenal of weapons, whether a flame chain yes like ghost rider or shooting charged flames outta your hands, a sulphur grenade are just some of the things that help bring D.U.P zones down which allow you to collect shards and in turn upgrade your character. There’s one other thing though, called the “orbit drop” which sends Delsin in the skies and plummets right back to the ground destroying anything that moves in the vicinity which the developers mentioned on Facebook consumes an enormous amount of particles. It was as though as time stood still when I saw it for the first time, I couldn’t believe it.

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My only major gripe with inFAMOUS Second Son was the simple decision making mechanisms which weren’t exactly mass effect type of mind boggling decision making. Its simplistic design was meant to make players veer towards being all out evil or all out good. I did however enjoy the story and the voice-acting which was surprising good because most people who play it know they aren’t buying this game for the story. The sound for the most parts also depicts accurately the encounters going on in-game.

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I’ve spent my fair share of time on open world sandboxes and infamous 2nd son happens to be one of the more enjoyable ones in recent times. While it’s almost impossible not to compare it to other sandbox titles, I think inFAMOUS Second Son has exceeded expectations on most fronts and will not disappoint. While it isn’t nearly as perfect as one would expect, if you always had a secret desire and vivid imagination of what it would be like to have super powers and the flexibility in how you would use them, look no further. inFAMOUS Second Son might just be the fix you’re looking for. With all that’s been said and done, it’s time for one more orbit drop.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

by Kenneth Choong
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